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  1. General Board
    Below link to rivers open for salmon fishing in Ireland for 2020... Is closing rivers a better option than C&R and is C&R the answer? Letterkenny district... and the great Loughs Glen and Fern... Where the late Sydney Spencer... described Donegal 'majestic hidden,unspoilt gem of Irish...
  2. Picture Gallery
    A couple of Danish fish Hi all Had a great trip to one of the few Danish rivers with salmon in it, 4 fish over the weekend up to 31 inches, guess that would be 11 lbs or so (purely C&R, weighing is generally considered a no-go). All on homemade Flying C's. Photos taken with one hand, and a...
  3. Scottish Rivers
    Salmon farming giant Mowi probed over chemical use - BBC News. will the Scottish rivers recover from C&R
  4. General Board
    Hello, I would be grateful if any members could point me in the direction of any studies of C&R of Atlantic salmon which have shown it’s effect on population levels within a catchment. Ideally the studies would deal with C&R in isolation in order to discount the effects of other management tools...
  5. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    The thread on the new regulations for 2019 New fishing regulations 2019 ireland shows that we are going to be allowed to use barbless doubles on most C&R rivers next year. I have always found singles fine so long as you keep the pressure on. I wasn't aware of any pressure for a change and worry...
  6. Video Gallery
    Lašiša Neris - YouTube
  7. General Board
    I dont want this to turn into another C&R debate, Im all for C&R but volentary, I return 99% of all my catch. I'd like to retain a two fish bylaw limit (as is already in force under my local rivers NLO) I use as 'insurance' for a deep hooked fish. Ive killed one in the last 5 years returning...
  8. Classified Wanted
    Hi all, I am still looking for a freezer bag to transport frozen fish. Used to buy it from Fawcetts or Sportfish but they don't offer it any more. It seems there is no need for it in the days of C&R. Maybe someone has left one over. Icelander05
  9. General Board
    Tackle manufacturer getting involved in the sea bass C&R game fishing tackle suppliers do enough? Surely any sectors of the tackle trade which profit from the bass fishing market should properly get behind the conservation efforts - with big credit to Sidewinder Lures
  10. General Board
    Isn't it interesting how since c&r became fashionable, the average size of salmon caught seems to have increased! Also, no one ever catches a nineteen pounder any more, they seem to make the jump from eighteen pound, to "around twenty pound", or "just over twenty", without getting caught! Just a...
  11. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Here are the draft 2018 regulations just published. Nore, Suir, Barrow, Boyne C&R Slaney C&R post 11 May details of where to send comments...
  12. News & Features
    All this talk of C&R I thought it might be useful to post some examples of practice. I fish C&R rivers almost all the time so have a fair bit of experience of doing it these days. You'd think I'd go the hang of it by now. This first film demonstrates there can be a tendency to be too concerned...
  13. General Board
    I know these subjects have been flogged to death on the forum before but there are a couple of points i would like to make first is the river Dee study into survival rates of fish caught and released. Catch & Release Impacts on the River Dee | FishDee Now some would say that c&r has not...
1-13 of 13 Results