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  1. General Board
    After more than a 100 years in business, Mallochs to close doors later this month. Sorry cant get the link to copy across. Its in todays Courier however.
  2. General Board
    I'm looking to send a rod to Ireland and looking for a courier that would hopefully get the rod to the young lad safely and in one piece, any advice would be very much appreciated ?? Arnold
  3. General Board
    I'm heading north in a couple of weeks time, and because it's only a three day trip, I'm flying up rather than driving the 500+ miles each way. Easyjet will get me to Inverness at a reasonable cost, except that they want an extra £74 for the rod tube (if you class it as skis, which is the most...
  4. General Board
    Can any u guys recommend a courier company that’s not to expensive Needing a rod picked up from down south Cheers Dave
  5. General Board
    Chaps, Anyone help with postage/courier costs/ideas as to best option for getting a rod from Ireland(Cork) to UK mainland?? Im thinking maybe courier might be cheapest but any thoughts please let me know. Thanks.
  6. General Board
    Hello, Does anyone have experience of a good, reliable rod courier so I can send my broken rod back to Bruce and Walker? I managed to snap my 14' Shooting head rod on Sunday and need to get it repaired and back in my possession before the back end run starts! If there are other threads that...
1-6 of 6 Results