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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Came on an otter the other night eating a cormorant. The cormornat appeared to have only recently met his demise. I would like to think the otter had killed it but I am not sure how feasible it is for Otters to target Cormorants, I imagine they would be a bit of a handful to subdue! Anybody any...
  2. General Board
    Details on a survey that we should all complete to reduce the highly negative impact of non-native fish eating birds like goosander and European cormorants can be found here: New online effort to shoot more cormorants - details and link An example answer from me if it helps: There are far more...
  3. General Board
    Anglers, clubs and fishery managers urged to use review to get cormorants on the General Licence - The Angling Trust
  4. General Board
    I seen a post recently with photos of a cormorants stomach contents, i can't find it now can anyone direct me to it. Al
  5. River Tay
    I might be missing something but I cannot locate a thread for the Tay 2019......can some kind soul point me in the right direction please? Surely this is not the first thread for the Tay 2019? Maybe there is nothing to say because there are no fish? The cormorants have eaten them all? Stevie...
  6. Trout Fishing
    Went to one of my favourite places last week. Kennick reservoir on Dartmoor which I first fished over 50 years ago with my dad. Back then it was stocked with brown trout to go with the natural browns. South West Lakes Trust run it now and stock with rainbows and occasionally browns. Last...
  7. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Not much sympathy for anglers in this Independent article today especially the letters comments! Mike Anglers urging government to allow shooting of more cormorants to stop birds eating fish they catch for sport Exclusive: Move comes despite failure to reach allocated quota of 3,000 in past two...
  8. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Please see this BBC Scotland link: Call for bird cull to save River Dee salmon stock - BBC News Not a mention of Cormorants by name!!!
1-8 of 8 Results