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  1. Northern European Style Patterns
    Loosely based from Thunder & Lightening Need to neaten up a bit but at least I'm tying flies :cool:
  2. Northern European Style Patterns
    Saw similar flies on different forum. Don't know if they are any good for salmon fishing but they look cool, so maybe I'll wet them.
  3. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Hard to make good this tinsel body, it's so shiny that I couldn't see too well what I was doing. Need to wear a sunglasses when I tie the next fly of this type :cool: Size #1.
  4. General Board
    I went fishing today for a while. One of my favorite runs produced 3 of which I kept one large male, species Pacific Silver and it lived up to it reputation. Wish I'd had someone working a video because he put up quite a show. The other 2 were hens and I released them post haste. That's not...
  5. General Board
    A big thanks to you folks at IT for shifting us to the new servers so smoothly :cool:
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Just to keep the minds and typing fingers busy while we wait for those pesky salmon to show up I thought I'd ask for those who keep an antique or classic auto or truck (maybe called a Lorry) and might be so kind as to put up a few photos of them. We have one here and if this thread gets some...
  7. Picture Gallery
    Fine day in Dumfries and Galloway today My two dugs in the front garden enjoying the sunshine :cool:
  8. General Board
    Wish I was on there today, 15 so far cool:
  9. General Board
    So tomorrow is the first day of the coarse closed season on our rivers. (England & Wales) That means that I will have the river all to myself with no disruption to my working the pools :cool: Who else is looking forward to the next 3 months of peace as it may not be for much longer.
  10. News & Features
    Higher demand, lower technology costs drive plans for indoor salmon farms - Portland Press Herald Norwegian company to build large, land-based salmon farm in Belfast - Portland Press Herald [THIS BELFAST IS IN MAINE,USA! NOT Ireland] :cool:
  11. Picture Gallery
    It started snowing last night and this morning woke up to around 6in of the white stuff making things feel that little bit more christmasy, will now be out down the Clyde side today with the mate and His young lad sledging :cool: he might even get a go if he can get the sledge off the both...
  12. Picture Gallery
    From the intimacy of the Shin we arrive at the next spring opportunity which is here. But where is here? :cool: Regards NHP
  13. General Board
    I'd like take the time to give AlanT a massive thank you for taking the time to take on the LTC fly auctions :cool: and helping raise money for a great cause :cool: I'm sure your efforts will be greatly appreciated by LTC, I'd also like to thank everyone who donated fly's and everyone who has...
  14. Picture Gallery
    Something for the weekend? 1/2 point for the River, 1 point for the Pool and a full Brucie Bonus if you can name the angler :cool:
  15. General Board
    Giant tuna causes 'frenzy' at Colonsay salmon farm - BBC News :cool:
  16. General Board
    Do we get hybrid Salmon and sea trout in the UK? Anyone got any pictures? or even better still anyone got any pictures of fish that they really cant tell what it is, Salmon, Sea Trout, Saltwater? Would be cool. St
  17. Hunting & Shooting
    Red Deer from 4 yrs back.Cumbrian Deer :cool:
  18. General Board
    That this is the first thread on the impending low system approaching tomorrow :cool: Glorious rain on the way. Who needs it? Cheers WD
  19. General Board
    Probably a silly question in the days of C&R. For many years I have been using a so called salmon cool bag to take one or two frozen salmon safely home. I got them from Fawcetts but they don't stock them anymore. Does anybody know if these are still avaiable elsewere ? Icelander05
1-19 of 22 Results