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  1. Classified Sales
    100 FITS Turbo cones in various colours and sizes. SOLD? Regards Chris
  2. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    A wee set of killer Cascades tied with runner and futurefly hybrid cones
  3. Classified Wanted
    Im wondering if anyone has any 1/4 inch chrome silver tungsten cones that they would be willing to sell me. GAC or for that matter anyone else seem to sell these anymore!! I have plenty of the scandinavian cones thanks...
  4. Northern European Style Patterns
    2 Fox wing and 1 Zonker wing Octopussy variants. The head Hackle is Ostrich fibres wound in a dubbing loop. I think the cones are FITS Turbo cones, or Futurefly UFO discs. They should be mobile flies. Pictures aren't great, I like the Zonker wing best in the flesh. Zonker close up: Fox...
  5. Northern European Style Patterns
    Some flies for my brother. 2 Black, 2 Red, 2 Mousey Brown. All tied on Sean Stanton 10mm signature tubes with Future Fly cones. The brown one in a Sea Pool would do for me! #10 Executioner for reference
  6. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Another few micro tubes using futurefly body beads, drainer disc's and hybrid cones
  7. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am Selling my Guideline F.I.T.S. Tungsten Cones which are all new but not in packets. 76 x F.I.T.S. Tungsten Cones in FL. Chartreuse, FL. Orange, FL. Yellow, Gold, Silver Sizes mostly Medium & Small with some Large 2 F.I.T.S. Clear Plactic Discs 10 x Orvis Tungsten Cones , Natural...
  8. Fly Tying Topics
    I've tied a few flies with coloured cones and I'm finding that the paint is chipping off them after not much use. Is there anything that could be coated over the top of them to give them a harder finish?
1-8 of 8 Results