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  1. Classified Sales
    Airflo Rage Compact Hover 600grains. 32ft head, grey colour, never used. Complete with box and pouch £18 posted
  2. Classified Sales
    Having a total clearout of all the gear I no longer use but I'm sure some of you guys could make use of it. New Boxed Guideline Triple D 8/9 F/H/I uncut 44' with Loop on the end - £35 Guideline Triple D 7/8 F/H/I cut to 37' and 28g welded loop - £25 Guideline Bullet Integrated Switch line 20g...
  3. Swap Shop
    Airflo rage compact 570 float as new condition swap for decent 7 or 8 wt trout line float or hover.
  4. Swap Shop
    Airflo Rage Compact Float 570 grains mint condition swap for 10 wt Scandi head
  5. Classified Wanted
    Looking for an Airflo Rage compact 600grain floating line:help:
  6. Travel/Last Minute Trips/Rod Availability (TRADE)
    Wrong post
  7. Swap Shop
    Airflo Rage Compact Hover 540 grains test cast only plus 3 new 14ft tips swap for 34 gram floating head
  8. Classified Sales
    guideline pt compact 9/10 Float, hover, sink 1 The line has been test cast only £38 posted
  9. Classified Sales
    guideline pt compact 8/9 Float and float, hover, sink 1 £53 posted for both SOLD SOLD
  10. Swap Shop
    Airflo skagit compact 9/10,24ft,660 grain. Don't think I have ever used this line.have a few skagit lines so up for swap Swap for used,9/10 shooting head,scandi,or what you got
  11. Classified Wanted
    Looking for above line 360 gr in good condition
  12. Classified Sales
    SOLD! Airflo Rage Compact Hover 600 grain Used for one afternoon an Airflo Rage Compact Hover in 600 grains - all details in the photo. It's in mint condition - now SOLD :thumb:
  13. Classified Wanted
    As above. Must be in as new / excellent condition.
  14. Classified Wanted
    Anyone got the above Airflo rage compact 10/11 660 grain.floating -new or little used for sale?
  15. Classified Wanted
    If anyone has an Airflo Skagit Compact G2 660g that they don’t need, please let me know Thanks Karl
  16. Classified Sales
    Brand new 580 grain compact rage kit Comes with orange ridge super dri running line, 3 tips and head Never out of box Latest version £55 posted UK PayPal please sold
  17. Classified Sales
    Following for sale as i will never use due to the line weight. All too heavy for the fishing i do. Mackenzie DTX Shooting head 38g 8/9 Float/ int Tip 12m New boxed...... £30 Posted Rio AFS Shooting head 38g Float. Never used unboxed Just spooled on a reel....£30 Posted Sold, Thank you! Rage...
  18. Classified Wanted
    Wanted in good nick rage compact 570gr.Cheers jg.
  19. Swap Shop
    Looking to swap an airflo rage 510 grain for an airflo scandi compact 480 grain
  20. Classified Sales
    Original Airflo Skagit compact 540g floating line. Bought recently from another forum member but a bit light on my rod. Very good condition. £20 delivered in UK. Cheers Diarmid.
1-20 of 50 Results