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  1. Reels
    A couple of questions. How are these reels as a spare/backup? And which one would you use for the 13' 8/9 rod, the 8/9 or the 10/11? I like around 200 yards of 30 pound backing, a running line and shooting head. Thanks for any comments, Leo.
  2. Conservation Issues
    Hi here are some pictures from a sorry state Of a salmon which came from the tullochobegly river. I'll try and get more pics up but I'd also like to hear your views on whether you think the salmon Is wild or from fish farming origin. Any views comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for...
  3. General Board
    Greetings. Does anyone own the above rod and if so what do you think of it? I'm looking for a switch rod for the Nairn and really fancy one of these. Any comments / views would be most welcome. regards Alan
  4. Loop
    Does anyone have experience with, or recomendations of lines for an Evotec 13' 6 8wt? I've read one or two concerning comments that the rod isn't suitable for shooting heads?
  5. General Board
    Has anybody ever used this, if so how does it compare to the other fluoros. Any comments would be helpful.
  6. Picture Gallery
    From the Guardian & Pic: " Orca mother finally abandons dead calf she carried for more than two weeks Researchers say endangered killer whale who lives off the coast of Seattle is back to feeding and frolicking with her pod " According to R4 this morning, no successful birth for > 2 years due...
  7. General Board
    Interesting read about Yorkshire rivers,interesting where they got this from and i love the mistakes ie surnames :lol: Oh ive said my bit don't worry (comments) Protect our salmon from poachers, volunteers demand as they say river deserves funding as it beats 58 others for yields
  8. Fly Tying Topics
    Am going to the Tay tomorrow ,thought I tie a couple of Blue Charms up and give them a go, this is my first post of fly,s that I have tied so be kind with the comments. Malc
  9. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    My first attempt, I welcome any constructive comments or improvements. Thanks Esk1.
  10. Reels
    Needing a new reel(and a change from my Lamson's) and fancy a Vosseler S2 or similar. Anyone have any issues with the Vosseler or any good/bad comments?
  11. Rods
    Anyone with any experience of the above rod ? Would like to hear all comments, good or bad :D
  12. Fly Tying Topics
    Thought I would try to tie a Spey fly , my first ever,for the December TOTM. First is a Thunder and Lightning Spey from Chris Manns book . The other is a "make it up as you go along" Not entirely happy with them , any comments appreciated. Colin
  13. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Here are the draft 2018 regulations just published. Nore, Suir, Barrow, Boyne C&R Slaney C&R post 11 May details of where to send comments...
  14. General Board
    Hope you enjoy and feel free to add comments on the handling
  15. Shooting Heads
    Anyone used the above heads ? Any comments, good or bad ?
  16. General Board
    HAVE A LOOK AT THIS! Scottish salmon exports reach record value in first half of 2017 - BBC News Any Comments???
  17. General Board
    Any body bought and tested the new Demon Sintrix spinning rod if so any comments apart from the price
  18. General Board
    Just love this clip:) Comments
1-18 of 18 Results