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  1. General Board
    Can one of the admins please why after being a member of this forum for a lot of years and have bought and sold items in the past with no bad feedback and contributed on other areas that I cant post or comment in the classifieds any more been blocked for some reason ceers craig I await...
  2. Hunting & Shooting
    Hi folks, I was getting ready to the Turkey season next year, and honestly I am not a fan of it. Though, my son got old enough and is willing to try himself in it. So I kinda thought it would be better to start learning on how to use turkey calls while we've got time, and a nice call will be a...
  3. General Board
    Why not take the time to comment on this piece of great news Proud to farm Scottish Salmon - Home | Facebook
  4. General Board
    B'ugger it! Have seen so many posts tonight I'd like to 'like'. Obviously, we can't at present. However, I'd just like to say I 'like' every single comment in the past 6 hours.:p:D
1-4 of 4 Results