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  1. English Rivers
    After a terrible season for most last year and draconian underhand rules imposed on anglers on one of the biggest salmon rivers in our country I wish all the best for the coming season , what the heck the powers of so called to be will throw at us this season ,well I wish you all the best again...
  2. Classified Sales
    I have a Guideline (I think its the Laxa) wading jacket in size small that I no longer need, its still waterproof and in good condition, I am willing to post this free to a youngster or to someone just starting. I don't want to see this on here or on eBay in the coming weeks for sale so no time...
  3. Picture Gallery
    3 for lunch time today. On some new territory to! The gods seem to be with me the now.
  4. River Spey
    I've got the opportunity to go to Grantown "Castle Grant" for a week starting Friday coming is it worth going weather permitting? Cheers Al
  5. General Board
    Hope plenty of you guys and girls on here have pledged your support for this - we need better representation at a national level and coming under the SGA umbrella has to be a good thing! Scottish Gamekeepers Association News River Tay Ghillies Association Scotland. Glasgow Angling Centre
  6. General Board
    I've had a breakage on my G4 boa laced boots, (had spare in my bag but at £12 a lace) I'm sure I seen on here that people had in past claimed off the warranty but can't find in the search Wander if anyone successfully claimed for in the past, I tried on the site yesterday but kept coming back...
  7. General Board
    Hi all, Due to illness I have one rod available for this coming Saturday (30th) Please PM for details. Hoolet
  8. General Board
    Pigeons coming home to roost? Spoke today to the owers of the bed and breakfast that I stay in on Speyside each year. We take the last week in May. Prime time you might say. They are two of the nicest people you could ever meet, they look after us wonderfully well, the breakfast and dinner each...
  9. Picture Gallery
    Took the Mrs and the dug up cairntable at muirkirk today, cracking walking conditions. The Mrs says she's never coming back:eek: was only 10k. Light weight :lol:
  10. General Board
    Hi A pal of mine has been offered fishing on a beat that he's tried to get on several times. (And been knocked back every time) The offer came via a very nice email giving all kinds of info about the beat. Beats on the Dee are coming up with very user friendly offers to attract customers. Forres...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    They're coming home. Footballers coming home. Too soon?
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    I wonder is anyone outside of Ireland ( the Republic) getting Vote No banner ads today on thier SFF. I guess they must be targetting me as I am using an Irish ISP and as an angler likely to be older and crabier. I could do without them. Facebook have said they will not accept any referndum ads...
  13. Picture Gallery
    Another warm day in Dumfries and Galloway, Not much water coming over the caulback now :(
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    This is the lounge so i’ll post a preference. Is there a finer start to finish album than Space Ritual 1973? Everyone thinks of Hawkwind as Silver Machine - but that’s a triviality compared to Born to Go, Orgone Accumulator, Masters of the Universe, Brainstorm etc. Early Lemmy, pre-Motörhead. I...
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    If your not watching this great game you should be. Both sides coming close.....Man C down to 10 men.....c'mon the Latics!
  16. Scottish Rivers
    Ucapa opening day this coming Saturday United Clyde Angling Protective Association Ltd - Home | Facebook
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    is letting them go, had to send my wee buddy misty off this morning she was 13 and cant say its not been coming but it never gets easier... will miss her, best wee skye we have had..
  18. General Board
    I say it first because we have the party tomorrow night, not like funny British people who do it on the wrong day. Hope you and family has a good holiday and it is a good new year coming for my sff friends. i'm wanting a better 2018 and to keeping on getting well after stroke so next season its...
  19. Picture Gallery
    On our recent trip BC we had a go at the sturgeon and had a blast catching 14 in total for a day and a half's fishing for them if any of you are deciding to go out their you have to give this a go, biggest we had was 6ft 10inch and coming in at just shy of 200lb
  20. General Board
    There's a really weird, heavy calm here right now, not a puff of wind. Muggy, warm day, almost like a pot coming to the boil. Let's hope Ophelia is not as dangerous as the weather men say. #Ophelia: ESB expects loss of supply as colleges announce closures | Irish Examiner
1-20 of 22 Results