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  1. General Board
    Springer fishing February and March were among the options I considered but given the risk of weather and the fact that I get all of that I need here at home I deferred. Just read the news report of the storm Ciara pounding away at the UK and Northern Europe. Flooding along the Eden and many...
  2. Picture Gallery
    Out on the cliffs this evening.
  3. General Board
    I love mull , used to go there with my mum and dad years ago when we were up in inveraray , so naturally I was interested in the salmon and sea trout fishing it had to offer , ive heard of loch ba and the forsa but was unaware it had been improving in "recent" years as the rest of the west...
  4. General Board
    The thread title says it all - where do Grilse feed ? I should know this, but dont. Do they get all the way to Greenland; if not where do they head to ? If so, from the size of some of the fish pictured recently, its a long way to go to put on just 4 or 5lbs in weight, during their winter at...
  5. Sea Trout Fishing
    Hello, Has anyone ever tried fishing for sea trout along the coast? I'd love to give it a go if anyone has any info on it. Cheers, Chris.
  6. General Board
    Just came across this, don't often hear of farmed fish getting caught on the east coast, its sure came a long way to end up there. Malcom Fleming is having a great start... - Pitlochry Boating Station | Facebook
  7. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    I started off trying to tie a hairwing Torrish that I remember my Dad using on the West Coast when the water was coloured. Ended up with this instead. #10 & 12 Ahrex doubles Yellow Squirrel wing with underfur from a Dyed Banana Spey cape.
  8. General Board
    I know they draw on the same run of fish but given the choice which would you target; thinking particularly of the Wye and Usk passport waters? I am to travel a bit more from my mid-south coast location to save a load of money and improve my chances and both these rivers are reasonably accessible.
  9. General Board It's an old report, published in 2000 but useful nonetheless. Many rivers are named, their issues identified...
  10. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Salmon netsmen on the English north east coast have received a covering letter with their licence applications renewal forms for 2018. The letter states the netsmen are invited to apply for a licence but it may not be issued. This covers the Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire coast. In 2015 a...
  11. Picture Gallery
    Was down the Solway coast at work today,meet the gentleman building this unusual house, He will have spectacular views over the Solway coast across to Cumbria [silloth] in the early stages but going to be a bit of a bespoke property when finished,
  12. Picture Gallery
    My brother lives on Vancouver Island,lucky sod , and recently spent 3 days over on the Wild West coast. I received some pictures today together with an invite. Colin
  13. General Board
    Is it possible to explain why all four of the big Scottish east coast salmon rivers experience both early and late runs of fresh salmon, while "across the pond" in Norway, fish don't seem to start to run until late April/May and finish in September. After the installation of video cameras, two...
  14. General Board
    Interesting conversation on our shoot yesterday. One of our beaters who fishes a bit approached me and said,'Had my best days fishing ever last week, fifteen.'.......Me.....'Mackerel?'....'No escaped farmed salmon, 5lb to 9lb, Loch Ba, Isle of Mull.' It seems anyone capable of wielding a...
  15. General Board
    Yet another Salmon farming disaster! When will it end... as if the west coast gene pool isn't destroyed enough! ? More than 11,000 salmon escape fish farm on Isle of Mull
  16. Salt Water Fishing
    Hi folks I was wondering would anybody know where abouts on the north coast I could fly fish for sea bass
  17. Salt Water Fishing
    Maioro Amalfi Coast Italy Hi guys Anybody been in this area fishing off the coast. Will be taking a fly rod hopefully for mullet. Sewinfly. .......
  18. General Board
    A pink salmon was caught on the Leven at Kinlochleven last night. I know that there have been a few recently from east coast rivers, but I think this is the first from the west. Where are these Pacific salmon coming from?
1-18 of 19 Results