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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    watched the Belgium game in Manchester no wonder the locals were pissing their selfs , shocking play and this game tonight is awful it's got to be the worst Scotland team in years and McLeish looks like he has not a clue if this is the future then it is very grim indeed I am raging as u can...
  2. Classified Sales
    Having a major clear out of my collection of books Amazing Fishing Stories by Paul Knight fishings strangest days by Tom Quinn The Anglers Retreat by Matt Crampton Salmon by Arthur Oglesby Glorious Gentlemen Lies damned lies and anglers Secret Lochs special places all by Bruce Sandison All...
  3. General Board
    Loop Opti Zpey 14ft 9/10.....Lines Hi all..... Has anybody got any idea what lines to use on the above rod please.....haven't got a clue, and never used one....32g - 39g supposedly........Thanks
  4. General Board
    With my interest renewed by some lovely WGs in another thread, I thought I would look out my now seriously neglected Waddingtons. Amongst all the usual suspects was this. I haven't a clue what it's called but it's rather lovely. Anyone know please?
  5. Picture Gallery
    Time to turn the tables Loxie! Clue is that it is the summer of 2012 and this is one of the most productive pools on this river.
  6. Picture Gallery
    Name the Pool No 23 Here is another one. Small clue, I had to do a little bit of Photoshop so it was not too recognizable.
  7. Picture Gallery
    I'd aver this is a proper old school spring fishing scene. I also had to pinch myself how long ago this was taken. Clothing is a bit of a clue. Anyway, for absolutely no prize whatsoever, anyone care to name this one? Regards NHP
1-7 of 7 Results