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  1. General Board
    Here is the latest batch of tackle donated to the let's get them fishing project. Thanks to all the members who have donated tackle, Some nice salmon fly rods and reels,and spinning gear,flies ,condoms,etc,fishing clothing,trout stuff This tackle will all be of to lucky young lads and teenagers...
  2. Salt Water Fishing
    Guys does anyone have any experience in fishing the flats in Mexico and the type of trip i may expect , I know absolutely nothing about this style of fishing. Apart from cost Im looking into all the hidden extra costs, rod , reel , lines, tippets , flies , clothing etc I have been told I...
  3. General Board
    I am reading about this a lot lately, brand ambassadors, pro team members. What`s it all about, whats in it for you?* DCH *If there`s any companies out there looking in, anyone from Bobs Bazooka Blanks to Mikes Molybdenum Multipliers to Willies Wiggly Worms, and are willing to throw some...
  4. General Board
    Looking for a hold-all for a weeks trip abroad to hold the waders/boots/ jacket , couple of travel salmon rods & some clothing. Any recommendations ? Thanks Old kipper
  5. Other.
    Does anyoone know of a UK retailer who sells Fish Skinz clothing?
  6. General Board
    Today I am seeing on every page adverts on women`s clothing, or adverts offering advice on women`s clothing. How do I make the adverts go away?
  7. General Board
    For those of us living within the Highlands or passing through, Ron Sutherland is holding a clearance sale at his old premises in Helmsdale on Saturday 10th March starting at 9am. Rods, reels, waders, clothing, nets, etc etc......Maybe a chance to bag a bargain or two. It is cash only sales on...
  8. Other.
    As the new season approaches and the cold weather not likely to leave for at least another couple of month, I have been looking to buy some warmer clothing to keep my fishing more enjoyable. I happened to see whilst shopping in Aldi a load of fishing clothing. So I have just bought...
  9. Picture Gallery
    I'd aver this is a proper old school spring fishing scene. I also had to pinch myself how long ago this was taken. Clothing is a bit of a clue. Anyway, for absolutely no prize whatsoever, anyone care to name this one? Regards NHP
1-9 of 9 Results