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  1. Classified Sales
    Fantastic rod, bought new for a load of money but is sadly not getting used. This is not a standard build. A pleasure to fish. Can belt out a really good line when needed but is also very effective at close range too. £350 posted with original tube and sock Casts short head spey/scandi and...
  2. Northern European Style Patterns
    Here´s few more.. with Monkey wing. I use these in Northern- Norway in summer, when water is on the normal level. Two kinda Samurais, and close up for the body color set up, which has worked really well
  3. General Board
    I see that last Friday beat 2 had 28 fish which is quite a feat. There are not many rivers that can get even close to that and some charge far greater rents. Catches 16/08/2019
  4. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Not quite the shade of golden olive front hackle the pattern calls for, but it was as close as I had to it!
  5. General Board
    A recent experience with PayPal has left me very frustrated and even suspicious of their motives? In short, I have been unable to close a dispute that I raised as a precaution when I initially received the wrong item. The mistake was genuine and was rectified very quickly. Now try as I may, I...
  6. General Board
    I see the Environment Agency are intending to consult with all interested parties various options for the coarse fishing closed season. This may mean that we ma have to share rivers all the year round and is sure to raise objections where fishery owners make the most of their fisheries by...
  7. Northern European Style Patterns
    2 Fox wing and 1 Zonker wing Octopussy variants. The head Hackle is Ostrich fibres wound in a dubbing loop. I think the cones are FITS Turbo cones, or Futurefly UFO discs. They should be mobile flies. Pictures aren't great, I like the Zonker wing best in the flesh. Zonker close up: Fox...
  8. General Board
    Thought it was about time that we started up this thread again to take our minds off the close season and brexit. Here is one to start you off.
  9. North American Fly Patterns
    First spey-style fly for me. Got too close to the eye, unfortunately ? Tight lines
  10. Rookies Corner
    Hello. Im new to salmon fishing. Id like some info on any rivers in north west of uk that hold any salmon and are available to fish with a days permit. I live in Bolton, anything near by would be ideal. I know river ribble is close, but ive heard its not so good anymore, dont know if its true...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    If your not watching this great game you should be. Both sides coming close.....Man C down to 10 men.....c'mon the Latics!
  12. Hardy
    Anyone using one of these? Can you recommend a line for close quarters fishing? Thanks Eric
  13. Scottish Rivers
    A think the RTC should close the tweed salmon season early as we should give the fish a chance to spawn .koz there is no other industry that goes after spawning breeding egg laying other than scottish salmon fishing
  14. General Board
    Two threads now closed today on a subject raised a few months ago so here is a reminder. Banned means banned,no return under any circumstances.It also will apply if we find a person is back under a new name they will automatically be banned again. This also applies if you have 2 accounts,only...
  15. General Board
    I'm in Reykjavik for 4.5 days next week. Seems like a bit of a cock up on the planning side (others are responsible). So, instead of dashing meeting to gathering to seminar etc I could end up with free time. Half day here or there. Certifiably going to be free Saturday morning. A bit of kit...
1-15 of 15 Results