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  1. Classified Sales
    Brand new in box never used size 6/8 its bigger than You think will suit 13 ft rods. Black with snake handle. Nice click £250 posted
  2. General Board
    Hi folks, Mr. Angrys here again.Trying to post photo's and I can't.Last call before the whole lot gets launched from the french windows into the garden(and thats frighteningly close I can tell you!). Please feel free to critique!. Reply to thread: 1stly type a spot of mindless drivel, then...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    A good read with records from 1200 -> 2005, with ice dams at Perth's Smeaton's Bridge :shocked:! Click bottom middle for access: (PDF) Flood seasonality and generating conditions in the Tay catchment, Scotland from 1200 to present | Lindsey McEwen -
  4. Classified Wanted
    Sorted??? Sorted, many thanks.
  5. Picture Gallery
    At last a way to upload pictures. Right click on picture and click resize and choose email. 2.5kg salmon caught last Monday on Knockando Phones beat from the Pouches pool. Difficult 3 days with river level at -4 inches.
  6. Vendor Deals
    So, what are the best lures for salmon? Here is a selection of our favourites. Click Here.
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Last year, one of the members here asked for votes in the AVIVA community funding ballot to support their application for river improvements. Please can I ask for some additional support for another, non-fishing charity in this years ballot. Every block of votes would really be appreciated...
  8. Site Help and Suggestions
    Anyone else having any problems ? When I click on 'Today's Posts' it takes me to 'Advanced Search'
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Can anyone help me with this problem. Every time I click on to the S.S.F. forum I get a message at the bottom of the page stating the there is a long running script with a wee box to click to stop script. Does any one know what this is as I do not get it on any other thing I click on to and it...
1-9 of 10 Results