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  1. Rookies Corner
    Has anybody got any tips on giving my fly lines a clean? Thought I'd have a clean up but not sure what to use, soap wise..if any? Cheers for any info.
  2. General Board
    Whats the best way to wash/clean a waxed cotton coat, been hanging up in the loft for years want to clean and reproof it. Sticky to the touch and a wee bit mouldy.
  3. General Board
    Some good news although not a total ban. EU agrees total ban on bee-harming pesticides | Environment | The Guardian I'm looking forward to having to regularly clean my windscreen and clean flies from the front of my car. I used to spend too much time every summer cleaning flies from the front...
  4. Classified Sales
    I have a Hardy Sirrus 9'6" #6, 3 piece for sale. It is in fantastic condition, had a few sea trout on it. I just have to many rods so having a clean out. Looking for £120 delivered. Thank you.
1-4 of 4 Results