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  1. General Board
    So if you look at Classified for sale there are two sections being a Trade and Members. If you look at vintage tackle it's not separated into Trade or Members and is swamped with Thomas Turner's stuff. I've nothing against TT but an individuals advert just is not goning to be as visible. Anyone...
  2. Hunting & Shooting
    Can I advertise a night vision kit from Nitesite on the forum. If YES where would I put it in this section or in the classified.
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    FISHANDFLY have a few forums. Was thinking would it not be possible to allow cross membership say in classified, if you have more than 50 or 100 posts on one of these forums. My membership has been longstanding to sff, and i was on a seatrout forum which i beleive was bought by FISHANDFLY, All...
  4. General Board
    Just tried to bump my classified ad, is this option gone now? All the best, L
  5. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hi I recently posted an add for Hardy/loop in the classified ads and it has disappeared! It does not show up in my recent post section but know it was posted as a I got a PM response. Kind regards Brian
  6. General Board
    Hi, I have problem creating a reply with comment in the classified section. Get this error message. I use Chrome without any ad blocker. Thanks!
  7. General Board
    Why can't I post in the classified section??
  8. General Board
    Why can't I put anything on classifieds, I've had over 3000 posts and have been on here from almost the start?
  9. Classified Sales
    Have been a member of this forum for a few years now. have wondered why I could not post in the classified ads. So after a little bit of investigation work carried out by the editor in chief Mr Paul sharman The problem seems to be the app Tapatalk. No button available in the classified ads...
  10. General Board
    Evening all, Not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not but anyway.. I've got over 100 posts but yet I still cant post in the "Classified Section". Could anyone share any light on it for me? Many Thanks, Andy :)
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Anyone else having problems logging in ? Currently , I'm finding that if I try to get into that section the forum tries to log in but recycles to the Forum home page.. I can look at the item that's showing as the most recent addition to the classified , but can't log into the listing page...
1-11 of 11 Results