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  1. English Rivers
    Well we never had the joy of a Swale thread, so now the river is getting a decent run of fish why not? Now the Swale is a Trib of the Ure,so its all freshwater,and miles from the sea,the river has been famous for Barbel and Chub and for anyone that don't know Topcliffe on the swale,well call in...
  2. Picture Gallery
    Tied this for Spring fishing a few years ago. Fished it on the Wye . No salmon but this chub got the heart going for a time. Colin
  3. Fishing Videos
    Hello guys! I'am from Georgia, Tbilisi. Sometimes, i was going in the river Mtkvari. In June and July, grasshopper and maggot is the bait for chub. It's old video, and main language Georgia and Subtitle Russian, but enjoy anyway. Waiting your comments.
1-3 of 3 Results