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  1. Others
    Hi! Who knows the rod Trion Pflueger 14 ft line 9-10? It looks not fast- What line to choose for it? Thank you so much Gérard
  2. Spinning
    8 minnows plus mounts and postage £24 You can choose from floating or sinking And choose colours. Sizes are limited so be quick. When they are gone they are gone.
  3. General Board
    A specially trained sniffer dog called Macca has been flown in from New Zealand with its owner to the Orkney islands to hunt down Stoats supported by the Scottish natural heritage and the RSPB. Is it not ironic that the SNH and the RSPB can pick and choose which animals they feel are a problem...
  4. River Dee
    Guys Looking to book a couple of days on the Dee prior to my fishing the Tweed at Rutherford. Have fished Little Blackhall a few times and from the availability and what I wish to pay have to choose between, Mid Blackhall, Banchory, and Park N. I'm favouring Mid Blackhall Any comments to...
  5. General Board
    I've been fly fishing for 30+ years but until very recently, never for salmon. So choosing salmon flies is a bit of a mystery to me. For a start, there's no matching the hatch - for obvious reasons - even so, shrimp imitations are very popular. I watched two chaps choose some flies in a shop...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Anyone see this last night, hilarious....old Pat Butcher sooking up a foul doobie, Bobby George taking a whiter and poor old Christopher Biggins looking like Casper the ghost. Great watch, about time we followed suit and gave our people who suffer with medical conditions an alternative option...
  7. Loop
    Which of these two Rods would you choose and why ... Multi # 10 15 FT vs Opti Power Spey # 10 15 FT.
  8. Reels
    Struggling to choose between a Mew Era #8/9 or a (cheaper) Youngs 1500 multiplier reel. Has anyone got the New Era and if so, what's it like?
1-8 of 8 Results