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  1. General Board
    Have ordered a new pair of boots today, Chinese, very reasonable and look to be good quality. I've bought quite a bit of Chinese gear the last few years and it's all been excellent quality, better than expected. Dispatched from London and with 10% off today I couldn't resist. Breathable...
  2. General Board
    on Saturday i was through in Glasgow and went into the big Chinese supermarket (See Woo) i didnt have my phone with me but on the fresh fish counter was a wild hen salmon in pretty bad nick vent hanging out and clearly coloured around 10lb it was not advertised as wild at £10.80 a kilo it was...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    A man walks into a bar and orders a triple scotch. As the bartender pours the drink, he remarks, "That's quite a heavy drink. What's the problem?" After quickly downing his drink, the man replies, "I found my wife in bed with my best friend." 'Wow," says the barkeep. "What did you do about...
1-3 of 3 Results