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  1. General Board
    On the BBC, Tennis & Fishing will be allowed :D Cheers WD
  2. General Board
    Looking to add a couple of ounces to a reel to help in balancing a rod. Read previously about adding lead to the spool before adding the backing. Is this the simplest way? Any advice welcome. Cheers Diarmid.
  3. Classified Wanted
    Anybody got the 12 ft 6 version they are willing to sell? Cheers
  4. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a Rio Scandi 8wt body or possible consider an 8wt Rio Scandi short versitip. Please pm any offers. Cheers Diarmid.
  5. Classified Wanted
    Looking for the above head in excellent condition. Please pm any offers. Cheers Diarmid.
  6. Swap Shop
    Looking to swap my G4 7/9 blue spool for the same spool in black. My spool is new and unused. Cheers Diarmid.
  7. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a sage xp 10ft for a 6 or a 7 line. Dont care if its tatty, it will get refurbished. Can anyone help please? Cheers
  8. Classified Wanted
    Looking for the above rod, preferably the earlier 3M blank and must be in very good condition. Please pm any offers. Cheers Diarmid.
  9. Classified Wanted
    Hi all i want to start collecting hardy reels from the 1950's and 60's if you have anything for sale please send me a pm. cheers
  10. Lines
    Line recommendation for Loop Xact 12'6 #8 Line recommendations for this rod? Spey and shooting heads. What line in grams or grains would suit this rod? Cheers
  11. Fly Tying Topics
    Any recommendations on the above, should I just persevere with the fingers, hands aint what they used to be. Cheers John
  12. Reels
    I have an old LTS X2 7/11 reel that I dropped and bent the handle so it now no longer attaches, I don't suppose anyone would know anywhere in the UK that I could get a replacement from as all I can find online so far is in the US? (doesn't have to be an original LTS handle just anything that'll...
  13. Classified Sales
    Selling the above reel in immaculate condition. Set for left hand wind and comes with original pouch. Reel now SOLD. Cheers Diarmid.
  14. Fly Tying Topics
    hello im looking for a good quality jungle cock cape cheers in advance dave
  15. General Board
    Laptop was in for repair before xmas, never been right since it came back, cant view video ie fly tying SBS to keep me occupied during lock down, some of the guys think there may be a blocker on, how do I get this sorted, computer skills zero. c Cheers John
  16. Classified Sales
    Gaelforce equalizer shooting head float #10 39g Not had this line for long and have no need for it £32 posted Cheers
  17. Classified Wanted
    Looking for the above reel in excellent condition. Please pm any offers. Cheers Diarmid.
  18. Classified Wanted
  19. Classified Wanted
    Rio scandi floating 610 gr looking for the above line
1-20 of 286 Results