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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    My daughter and I have walked everyday and because the tide was right we have walked one of my favourite beaches. Looking west towards " Lade Foot " Looking over to "Big Picket" and "Little Picket" . Looking back to the east at "Jacobs Ladder." This used to be one of the best surf...
  2. General Board
    River Findhorn producing some big springers. Pal sent me a picture of a 30lber caught a few days ago and what a cracker , also he has a picture of a 25lber caught on association water . The pic of the 30lber was sent to me via whatts app and i aint got a clue how to get it on here pity as its...
  3. General Board
    The first fish came off the Thurso this morning from the Gerston Pool on beat 4 weighing 11lb and was caught by a visiting angler. Lovely looking fish going by the picture.
  4. General Board
    Despite the doom and gloom of recent times, a lovely 20lb class fish from the Avon today, caught on a fly too. Pictures on Avon Diary, well done Danny
  5. River Spey
    Hello , Looking at fishpal, I see that there is no fish caught on the spey! Does this seem curious to me or is it reality?
  6. Scottish Rivers
    The season got off to a cracking start on the River Findhorn today. The Forres angling association hosted its annual ceremony with a special guest putting in a brief appearance!! The fish, caught by regular visitor, Peter Green, was estimated at 18lb and was caught in the Stoney Pool on a Dee...
  7. Fly Tying Topics
    Wife took up crocheting recently and I am really impressed with the threads.Better not get caught though.
  8. Scottish Rivers
    Hopefully 2020 will be the year of plenty (forgive the rhyme but it is Burns night) as far as fishing goes for the Don this coming season. Apart from the photo on the front, of my Grandson with his first Salmon which was caught on the Don,you can read the river Don review for 2019 in this news...
  9. General Board
    The mighty Tay opens tomorrow. Doesn't seem to be much interest up to now. Perhaps we should run a sweep on how many fish will be caught on opening day. I would go for one and hope to be proved wrong.
  10. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    These colours are a great combination for coloured water. I first tied this around 2013 and had forgot about it until looking through old photos on the computer. I remember using this pattern one day in dirty water and the brown trout tore it to shreds! I can't remember how many of them I...
  11. Scottish Rivers
    Having a few beers mucking about on YouTube. Came across a couple of videos about salmon fishing in Lithuania. River Neris, I think. A big river with some very big salmon. Beautiful countryside. Nice footage of fish being caught.
  12. Salt Water Fishing
    But we caught this instead. Darnedest this is we were using octopus for bait. :doh:
  13. Picture Gallery
    Facepuke reminded me that it's 11 years today since I caught this fish. I still remember every moment of the scrap on my 11' single hander. It's known amongst us lot as the 'Prosen Monster', caught in the wee up glen trib of the South Esk many miles from the sea. Freshest fish I ever got up...
  14. Classified Sales
    This rod has never been test cast or had a reel on it.I have used this model in BC for pinks and have caught jacks up to 20lb,its a cracker.Looking for £400+post.Paypal f +f.
  15. Fishing Videos
    Hi Here's a video of a couple of grilse I caught on the River Forth yesterday. Not the biggest but a welcome surprise. Apparently the only fish caught yesterday! Hope you like the video. Mikh
  16. English Rivers
    Hi guys, I've a couple of questions if anyone knows the answers. Firstly can salmon actually spawn anywhere up the North Tyne, is there streams for them to travel up to spawn or do they have to try their best in the river. Also how far upstream can you legally fish?. Can fishing be done beneath...
  17. General Board
    How is this years grilse run comparing to the last few ? I am currently up the Helmsdale for second time in a couple of weeks and it certainly seems to be a weaker run this year . Small grilse as well a lot of the ones that have been caught..
  18. New Member Introductions
    Afternoon evreyone. Not salmon fished for 15 years. Used to fish the Ettrick twice a year. Got a days salmon fishing as a 40th present on the tweed and i loved it. Never caught owt but had a ball. Looking to do more and hopefully catch a salmon or sea trout or 2. Mainly smallwater fishing for...
  19. Picture Gallery
    Caught on Alta last night. 33lbs of perfection
  20. Picture Gallery
    The biggest of two this week on the Dee for Kimbo Moral pool at Woodend . He caught the other on Sluie. Colin.
1-20 of 90 Results