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  1. River Dee
    I have possibly a chance to fish the Dee for a few days this coming May or June. Where should i be looking to book, to have my best chance of catching a Dee salmon? Many thanks.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, as someone fishing for more than 35 years I also started fishing for salmon four years ago. My fishing career began poaching the local river at the tender age of 8. Besides this I was digging worms for my uncle. Sometimes he allowed me to land a fish or two but never before he...
  3. Greys
    I was thinking of getting one of the above rods as they have been reduced in price by quite a lot, it would be a back up rod so I don’t want to drift too far away action wise from my day to day rod as I get along not to bad casting wise not catching wise .I currently use a ( Hardy marksman 2 T...
  4. Rookies Corner
    Hi, How do I plan ‘when’ to go fishing? I want to go when there is a good chance of catching fish. I understand that if there hasn’t been any rain then it isn’t worth going fishing. I don’t mind where I go, but I want to go when there are fish in the river for catching. What are the main...
  5. General Board
    Hi chaps, I'm looking for a few days salmon fishing with a guide and at least a likelyhood of catching. Anywhere UK really but with a practical preference for southernish. Maybe Wye?
  6. Picture Gallery
    Wattie strikes already.:) Well done to Stevie getting Pitlochry off the mark this morning. He'll take some catching now.:thumb::thumb:
  7. General Board
    I used to love reminiscing with my fishing buddies (now mostly departed) about fishing escapades over the years. We had great times chuckling during quiet spells in the boat or night fishing. This is one that made me laugh recently. Feel free to post your own tales One of my fishing...
  8. Classified Sales
    Now sold!
  9. Rookies Corner
    How do I post photographs on here? I've had a look around but can't find any topics or q' & a's. My photo's are all on Flickr by the way. (but there's none of me catching salmon!) Thanks.
  10. Salt Water Fishing
    Anybody catching them? I'm to take nephew fishing and he's going to be bored if he doesn't catch anything are they in in numbers anywhere yet?
  11. General Board
    What a forum this is nowadays. you can’t post a picture of a fish with it being micro analysed. Whether it be the weight, the way it’s being held, it’s eye direction, the time out of the water, the method, the criticism just knocks you out. a poster tonight critiques about the way a fish was...
  12. General Board
    The latest trend for catching Moy Salmon
  13. General Board
    I was wondering could anyone put something positive into this, i.e. have you caught fish when the grue is on or just off the water. We've not had the problem for a year or two but I can remember odd occasions waiting for grue to clear towards lunchtime and I can't remember catching a fish when...
  14. English Rivers
    Good luck to all the severn salmon men who grim and bear it all year !! Hopefully this years conditions will favour us into catching some of these great severn springers!! Anybody had a cast out yet ?? Regards oldskoolbray
  15. River Tweed Reports & News
    evening all, can anyone offer any insight into this beat pls? 1. is it decent fly water 2. suit low, medium or high water 3. likely to be sharing with the locals 4. are they catching at the moment 5. anything else worth noting possible trip up next week but due diligence might save...
  16. General Board
    Out and about trying to catch salmon the other day and out of the corner of my eye saw a blue/orange/turquoise flash. I'm hitting on 63years and its only the 2nd time in my life that I've seen an kingfisher, who by all accounts was having a better day providing for his family than me:D. What a...
  17. Picture Gallery
    Finally off the mark this season and quite early for my local river! Landed the first fish I hooked just after 7am. A lovely 7-8lber fresh off the tide with lice still attached! I hooked another 2 fish the same morning 1 throwing the hook after 5 mins and the second breaking me after taking me a...
1-17 of 17 Results