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  1. General Board
    Here's something I was thinking about earlier today. With the bonkers system that we have in place to categorise the health of our stocks...catches! I wonder of our 'beloved' scientists will allow for the Covid effect this season. Fishing is already closing down with a clear knock on effect...
  2. General Board
    I know things are still early days, and conditions not exactly been good. But the catches are way way down, and reports form mates on the river, are fish are scarce. Are we seing the result of storm Francs destruction ? Jan 1016 puts us in line for poor returns on 2sw fish. Lets hope not. At...
  3. General Board
    Just had a look at this week's catches on the Tweed. 9 fish on, what I think, pretty good water levels. What's going on there?
  4. General Board
    Looking through the catches on fishpal the last couple of weeks there seems to be quite a few fish being caught in the 20lb+ bracket,what is not clear (to me anyway) if these fish are mostly kippers or are we getting runs of big back end fish again?. I have heard it said that big fish means less...
  5. Scottish Rivers
    Just looking at the recent catches for the Tay. Prime beats that would " normally " enjoy good runs of back- end fish, and consequently, good catches, now recording negligible numbers of fish. What a shame. I remember an old copy of Trout and Salmon magazine, saying.. "In ideal conditions...
  6. Scottish Rivers
    Is there a problem with the catches pages for rivers on the fishpal site? I’m away fishing and trying to access these on my phone so this may be the problem; but is the website at fault does anyone know? Regards, Tyke.
  7. General Board
    I always use a rapala knot for my salmon flies,I like the freedom it gives your fly to move enticingly in the current.i also feel it improves my catches. Just my humble opinion but it works for me. Who else uses. Rapala knot for their flies ? And your opinions
  8. Picture Gallery
    Salmon catches have shown a great improvement on the Aberdeenshire Don this season.Unfortunately sea trout catches have not been so good. I think the unsettled river levels have not helped. However,when we do get more normal summer water levels,i have managed to pick up a few well conditioned...
  9. General Board
    There is no doubt this Spring has been difficult to say the least with some low catches throughout the Various river beats. In particular these last two Springs that have shown a progressive down turn on catches. But while we factor in lack of snow, low river levels and in some cases lack of...
  10. General Board
    Spey Fochabers Fishing at Gordon Castle in a few weeks time for the first time! Looking for some info please. What is the best route from Perth to Fochabers, would it be Aberdeen via a90 or Aviemore via a9? Also, can not seem to find much info on catches etc. Any pointers greatfully accepted...
  11. General Board
    What are peoples thoughts on the Portnacraig catches being a 'litmus test' of this years Tay system spring run? With 4/5 fishing days still to go until the end of March, they have already caught over double the 5yr average. If they get 8 fish between now and Sunday, it'll be triple. With double...
  12. General Board
    Headed to Scotland on Saturday to fish the Naver for a couple of weeks. It will be great to get up there again. Meanwhile, it is still very much winter here in Maine. The estuary in back of my home is frozen solid, and this is very late in the year for that. We had 11 deer joining the...
  13. Scottish Rivers
    Despite the very low water and high temperatures last season we saw an increase in the Salmon catches on the Don,although the catches were still poor at least it was a step in the right direction,and hopefully with the right conditions this coming season we will continue to see an improvement ...
  14. General Board
    Is this any surprise. Anglers demand action as salmon catches on River Spey plummet to new low | Press and Journal
  15. General Board
    Near Fish Farms, Lobster Catches Plummet | Hakai Magazine "Some of the environmental damage was irreparable": Marine Harvest charged over salmon escape
  16. General Board
    I have noticed good catches being reported on Fishpal for the bottom of the Border Esk, Tweed, Dee and Tay (yesterday) - but nobody is posting any catches, or news of this on the forum. Have people given up on posting positive news?
  17. General Board
    The only reason I look at pi sh pall is to have a look at the latest catches ( wouldn't and don't book fishing with them ) but now if you want to look at the catches your going to have to register with them for the privilege, what's next charging for the privilege? honestly wouldn't surprise...
  18. Picture Gallery
    The fishing might be poor but there's always something that catches the eye when you're on the river.
  19. General Board
    The way the salmon catches are way on down this 2018 season,against previous seasons on most Scottish rivers , Don't be surprised that all rivers will be Cat. 3 in 2019 ,,, because thats the only statistic "rod catches" are based on current runs of salmon,:batty: Even though some the...
  20. General Board
    Any fish being caught in the Ericht or is it too early? Fancied a wee throw on it again soon but haven’t heard nor seen anything about catches so far this season.
1-20 of 33 Results