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  1. General Board
    Anyone catch this? BBC Radio 4 - The Food Programme, A Tale of Two Fish: Salmon, the wild and farmed We got a decent airing but I still think they biased too much in favour of an argument FOR the salmon farming
  2. General Board
    I note that Fushpal have not yet activated historic catch stats on their beat pages so far on the Dee. (at least on my browser) I'm beginning to wonder if it will be reinstated at all considering the decline in catches over the past 6 years. I wonder if it is a ploy to get people to book blindly...
  3. News & Features
    Come and fish some iconic salmon rivers in NE Scotland this year by bidding in our online auction to raise funds for Atlantic salmon conservation. Compete to catch the last salmon of the 2020 season on three salmon rivers- the Spey, the Findhorn, and a hidden gem- the Nairn. Or fish the...
  4. Sea Trout Fishing
    Hello Everyone, I have a friend who wants to take me Sea Trout fishing when I'm in the UK. Sounds great except the part where he says we'll start around 10:00 PM take a break around 2 and then fish until dawn......... :shocked: When I lived in the US state of Pennsylvania there were many venue...
  5. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Statistics Report 2018 - Inland Fisheries Ireland
  6. General Board
    The provisional salmon and grilse rod & line catch for the Deveron for 2019 is 1519 (89% returned), which is notable increase from the 446 landed in the low water conditions of 2018. 2019 is the second highest rod catch since 2013 but still below the long term average (1952-2019) for the Deveron...
  7. General Board
    A very detailed report on Salmon /Sea trout catches on Irish rivers this one is the latest 2017, 2018/19 not released yet . Off note quickly reading through it is the total salmon catch all methods for 2001 (259,475) down to (21,842) in 2017...
  8. General Board
    Much has been said about the decline of the runs of Salmon on most rivers so therefor the catches are also very much down on historical catches. But IMO it was never easy to catch a Salmon,it is about 45 years since i caught my first Salmon and i can still remember the buzz and adrenaline rush...
  9. Canadian Rivers
    Had a pretty tough week on the Skeena - very few reportedcaught even though river was beautifully clear - just very few fish running through. Fantastic to catch though
  10. Angling Literature Section
    Read the above (new) book recently. It is OK. Perhaps a little bit messy ...
  11. Loop
    anyone had a throw with one yet ? from the advert blurb these rods should cast as far as a bullet can travel ,land as soft as cotton wool on water and catch you every salmon in a twenty mile radius while only weighing in at 3 grams , hang on didn't the cross s1 already do this ?
  12. Picture Gallery
    About 4000' elevation gain over 4.5 miles from the trailhead to 9500' just to catch little fish then back down. Not terrible, but the fella I dragged with me might disagree. Haha. Started down at that big lake. Up and up and up. Top At the lake. I like fishes because...
  13. General Board
    Looking for advice on a decent de barbing tool must be in a small form to carry about Only do catch and release now and going barbless is ideal.
  14. General Board
    Emergency byelaw to protect salmon stocks throughout the Severn - GOV.UK
  15. Fishing Videos
    15 April 2019 - YouTube 15 April 2019 - YouTube 15 April 2019 - YouTube Hope you like. I've posted the stills . Colin.
  16. Methods and Tactics
    When should you use aluminium tube flies? I'm thinking these are easier to cast than copper flies but not sure whether these are more of less likely to catch fish?
  17. Irish Rivers Reports & News
  18. General Board
    Just caught the tail end of this on channel 5, now recording on 5 + 1. Prob on 5 demand as well. Think it is a repeat but did not catch first time round.
  19. Favourite Beats & Rivers
    HI, I'm planning a few days on the public water of the Naver in summer. Im interested to see the catch returns and wondered if anyone knew if they are published anywhere. I live in Aberdeen and am presuming planning a trip a short notice after some rain would probably be best. however, still...
  20. General Board
    had to catch a huge fish, let's say 25lbs plus, in the UK and you had one day to do it, which river/beat would you fish and at what time of the year? Let's say you're guaranteed to catch a fish on that day and it's only a question of how likely that fish is to be big (a big assumption I know)...
1-20 of 73 Results