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  1. Classified Sales
    See pic for what's there some used some new £27.50 including postage
  2. Reels
    Bought zebco omega pro for my wife and she absolutely loves it. But she's having problems with long distance casts. I've cleaned the reel. Stripped the line out and applied line conditioner. I'm not sure what else to try. Can this reel be upgraded or tuned for longer casts? Anything else I can...
  3. Classified Sales
    Hi All, See below for details. Cast for less that 5 mins, too heavy for my rod. Great line for single-hander spey casts. Chartreuse head and blue running line. 290 grains, #8 and i'm looking for 45 squid posted. Pics on request cos app is being a donkey. Gary.
  4. Spinning
    What are the better devons to buy, the last few I've bought the paint has cracked after only a few casts. Thanks Ian
  5. Scottish Rivers
    Our "newbie" Bobby caught a lovely fresh nine pounder today, as well as a two pound sea trout. Well done! Bruce hamilton just reported in. A ten pounder and a four pounder..from two casts. Well, you can hardly complain at that..
  6. Others
    Are these line very similar ? any opinions please. I am looking for a second hand rio 8/9 for a friend which is proving hard to find. He has tried my 8/9 and casts it great but i read good thing about the gaelforce. It is for a 13ft amorphous whisker 8/9.
1-6 of 6 Results