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  1. Reels
  2. Reels
    Hardy cascapedia or loop classic
  3. Classified Sales
    Hardy Cascapedia 10/11 Blue Limited Edition Hand Made in Alnwick Brand new in Box Loaded with 200Yards Río Backing Complete with Box &Leather Case Only selling as I have two of same colour. £425-00 Posted
  4. General Board
    I'd admit I am quite picky on reels. :lol: Was always looking to add a classic looking spey reel to my collection, but haven't found the perfect one to do so, yet. :redface: I have done my research so I think I still know what options are available, but there could probably be some less known...
  5. Classified Sales
    Brand new hardy cascapedia 10/11 made in England reel in limited edition orange only 100 made. Bought as a gift so has Never been used. SOLD SOLD...
  6. Classified Sales
    Selling my Cascapedia mk111 this is 3yrs old and has a few light rash Mark's on it,been a great reel for me but hasn't been used for over a year now,its been looked after and comes with original neoprene pouch and box looking for £200+postage,PM me your email.for pics as I cant seem to post pics...
  7. General Board
    For anyone experiencing excessive play in the spool of their Cascapedia 3 or "The Cascapedia" v4 (I have no experience of the other Cascapedias, maybe applies to them too?) This is a simple fix. Under the plate on the winder side there is a brass fitting attached to the spool which runs in a...
  8. Reels
    Eeee bah 'eck, just ordered a Hardy Cascapedia 8/9 as its a size I'm going to get the most use from.Just wondering from owners of the said reel, in the reel world(see that pun there eh?) what sort of capacities the reel has for both full lines and heads and running lines? Very many thanks,Pedro.
  9. Classified Wanted
    On the off chance is anyone selling a hardy cascapedia 8/9, doesn’t need to be brand new but in decent enough condition. cheers.
  10. General Board
    Brand new hardy demon sintrix 12’9 and hardy cascapedia 8/9 reel pm for details , thanks
  11. Classified Wanted
    Looking for the above reel pm if any for sale cheers.
  12. Classified Sales
    Treated myself to a new Hardy Cascapedia 10/11 so decided to sell my older one. In used but not abused condition. Side plates are perfect with no paint loss. Polished rims have fine surface scratches but no dinks or gravel rash (which in my opinion would polish out) Drag is perfect and clicker...
  13. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a cascapedia 8/9.
  14. Reels
    Hi everyone, I have a 5/6/7 mk2 cascapedia reel. Been having issues with it, essentially when i tighten up the screws on the face the drum and handle no longer turn. No idea what the issue is so iv taken it apart a few times. Once last year and once this year. However, now I cant get the...
  15. Classified Sales
    Have for sale the new version Cascapedia (Made in England). Reel is in very good condition......couple of very small marks on bottom of reel (see photo) and a small blemish to centre screw (again see photo). Blank warranty card. Price reduced.............£275 posted UK. Listing now ended.
  16. Rods
    Looking to buy a Hardy cascapedia 8/9, anybody know of good deals going? TIA
  17. Reels
    I have a Cascapedia 8/9 MkIII with an odd drag, when the spool is near capacity (all line wound in) the drag works fine. However when the line is out and a small amount of running line remains the drag does not engage and the spool basically goes into free spool. Has anyone else had problems...
  18. General Board
    Looking to buy a Hardy cascapedia 10/11, anybody know of deals going? thanks
  19. General Board
    Hi guys, anybody any idea what a fair price is for second hand unused cascapedia mk3 10/11? cheers
  20. Classified Sales
    Mk III Cascapedia 8/9 reel for sale. Mint condition, no marks or dings. This reel has only had a line put on it and used a couple of times. Not getting used, so time to go. Original box and all paperwork and neoprene pouch. Sold, pending the usual. Conehead
1-20 of 29 Results