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  1. Spey Lines
    Since I have started looking at secondhand speylines for sale, Carron and Gaelforce lines seem to be coming up fairly regularly. Out of the two, which manufacturer is most widely favoured ? Also, for fishing somewhere like the bottom of the main Tyne are the 55' or 65' lines considered the...
  2. General Board
    Any idea what this is? I was going through some old pics over the weekend and came across this. When I came across the pic it did ring a bell and I do vaguely remember catching it and taking the pic but it was totally lost to history until Sat. I caught it Carron Valley approx 25 years ago...
  3. Classified Sales
    Scientific Anglers System 2 12/13 loaded with Carron Jetstream next gen. 10/11 65 ft Scientific Anglers system 2 12/13 reel in excellent condition loaded with a Carron Jetstream next generation twin colour 10/11 65 foot Speyline. £60 posted
  4. Spey Lines
    Hi Has anyone tried the latest Carron floating lines looking at 9/10 weight 55 ft , any ideas if the head weights and lengths have been sorted Thank you O.r.s
  5. Classified Sales
    Carron Jetstream 8/9 55ft Spey Line (Minus a couple of feet off cut back at the front end to aid leader turnover) Looped on front end Still in tin.. don't think I've ever fished with this line.SOLD pending payment
  6. Classified Sales
    Carron Jetstream 9/10 65ft Spey Line (Minus a couple of feet off cut back at the front end to aid leader turnover) Looped on front end SOLD
  7. General Board
    Hi guys looking to replace my floating Jetstream 65ft line for the summer I love the line but it’s seen better days I’m stuck in 2 minds weather to replace it with the exact same line or go for a gaelforce Spey line Looking for any info from guys that have used both I know James charmers...
  8. River Spey
    Red letter day river Carron There is a whole heap of silver good news in the North as both rain and fish have arrived in serious numbers. The pics are of Gruinards, part of the Glencalvie Estate, and opposite at Braelangwell. Yesterday, in perfect conditions, Gruinards had 21 fish to 3 rods. A...
  9. Classified Wanted
    Anyone have a Carron floater, 11/12, 65-foot head in good order they've stopped using?
  10. Classified Sales
    For sale Carron 10/11 brand new unused still in the tin. 85ft head £55 posted Pm any interest Conehead
  11. General Board
    Hi all, Fished the River Carron a few times but would like to fish Loch Dughaill further upstream, perhaps breaking out the dapping rod! Dapped a few times for trout but never for salmon, it has got to be one of the most exciting and involved ways of fishing! Anyone know if it is possible to...
  12. Classified Wanted
    Anyone got one of these lines sitting about please? PM please Cheers
  13. Classified Sales
    Carron Jetstream 55ft 9/10 Sold
  14. General Board
    Carron Rod & Case Company Limited. I have only just learned that Carron were dissolved in August 2015. Their lines are still widely available thankfully, but I wonder are they still being made or is there only a quantity of dwindling old stock. I did a search for a thread re. this on the forum...
  15. Classified Sales
    Hi All, Have the following rod for sale: 15' 10/11 Carron Fly Rod Mint Looking for £450 delivered fraction of the cost when originally purchased! Thanks, Darra Decided to keep this rod!
  16. General Board
    I have seen posted on Spey Pages that the Carron Spey line company is no longer in business, is this true? I have several of their lines and liked them a lot. Can someone verify this information? Thanks
  17. Classified Sales
    Perfect condition Carron Jetstream speyline with 55' intermediate head in #9/10 Complete with the metal tin, leather and info card. Seen a few hours use. £40 posted
  18. Spey Lines
    Wondering if any of you have found that cutting back on some fine tapered traditional belly lines to be better for turnover with polys ?? Lines like: - Ian Gordon - Drury Impact - Snowbee 1D/2D/3D - Hardy Mach II - Carron 55' - Carron 65' I have a Airflo 10' salmon polyleader kit and some...
  19. Spey Lines
    Hi, Time to look for a replacement for Carron 55' 8/9 floater, which has crashed at several points on the tip within 2 weeks of fishing. The Carron is a perfect, but too weak coating IMHO and all the types of the loop went to nowehere but to simple perfection loop of the naked core. Thus, the...
  20. Classified Sales
    Hi all, A Loop S1 15 foot four piece in excellent condition, rod slip and case. Two lines to go with it - both Carron Jetstream Spey lines with 65-foot heads, a floater and an intermediate. Neither used for more than an hour, the intermediate for about 10 mins, just enough to know it went well...
1-20 of 23 Results