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  1. Others
    A friend has given me a double handed cane fly rod that he found when he was clearing out his house. The makers name on the rod is BAVINS. The rod is in good condition and I intend using it. Anyone know anything about this rod maker. Cheers
  2. Reels
    I just ordered a 12' 450 gr Cane rod from Bob Clay. My "dream "reel to go on it is a vintage Hardy perfect in left hand wind. I know this is a relatively rare item , but I was wondering if anyone has some ideas on where to start my search and what I should expect to pay if I find one.Also I was...
  3. General Board
    Hi, I have recently been left the above rod from a sadly passed friend but cant find anything about this rod on the net ! Someone out there MUST know something about this rod and how much it's worth !! I have cast it on the lawn with a #5 &#6 wf line and was amazed how easy it would punch out...
  4. General Board
    Hi, Please can anyone offer advice on a suitable reel of classic design, such as a Hardy Princess, which will be suited to my newly made 8 1/2' cane rod 6/7#. The reel obviously needs to have a substantial drag ! All help greatly appreciated. Thanks. Tony
  5. Picture Gallery
    Hi guys 1st post. Just looking for information or possibly a valuation of this rod. Its a 12ft 3 pc Peregrine by Falcon of Redditch fly rod. I dont really know much more than that.
  6. Classified Wanted
    Sharpe's Splitcane Salmon Rod, Scottie, Impregnated and Spliced I will give you a fair price for your Sharpe Splitcane Salmon Rod regardless what condition. I'm above all interested in the 15 foot, Sharpe's Scottie Splitcane, Impregnated and Spliced of course. Kindest regards, Anders von...
1-6 of 6 Results