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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi there, New member from Vancouver, Canada. I'm an active user on SpeyPages. I'm also addicted to spey fishing. My favourite rods to fish at the moment are the Sage Sonic 7wt 13'6 and the Hardy Demon 9/10wt 13'9. I'm a big fan of Hardy reels/older click and pawls, and am looking to expand my...
  2. Picture Gallery
    The stars aligned this weekend past, it wasn’t for the want of trying, a perfect bright wild spring steelhead 😎
  3. Feather Wing Patterns
    This pattern developed from the Chief Needabeh. This one tied by and given to me by Warren Duncan is also known as "Randy's Chief" after the person who popularised it over in Eastern Canada. Close both eyes and they look the same. Colin.
  4. General Board
    Trudeau issues mandate to close BC netpen salmon farms by 2025 | Intrafish
  5. General Board
    Hey guys, I am new to the forums. I thought I would share a video of some ANGRY salmon in one of the most beautiful places to be in the fall. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it. Cheers and tight lines. NIAGARA RIVER SALMON FISHING - YouTube
  6. General Board
    I recently posted a new blog entry that recaps the fall fishing season on the Miramichi and Cains Rivers in New Brunswick, Canada. Here is the link. Frankly it was a long way from a great season for us. We are still suffering from an oversized population of striped bass that are eating a lot...
  7. General Board
    The picture below, which I inherited from my grandfather, is by a 20th century American artist called Ogden Pleissner, who was best known for his work in World War 2 and subsequently of fishing and hunting in the USA and Canada. This picture is unusual in that it is set in Scotland. I am keen...
  8. Video Gallery
    Dry fly for Atlantics in Canada. Not watched it all yet but looks good. Incredible Topwater Atlantic Salmon Fishing | Labrador - YouTube
  9. General Board
    Evening folks. I'm looking for some advice. After years of talking about it/not being able to get, next year I am finally hoping to get to Canada. Its a trip I've wanted to do since my boys were small - I had hoped to do it years ago but with both my sons having significant birthdays next year...
  10. General Board
    On the back of a recent thread about the forum "deeing" and subsequent request for more material I thought I would post this about how we ended up going to Canada for the first time back in 2005 and the journey since. So back then we used to fish the Moy every year and had some fantastic times...
  11. General Board
    Would anybody be able to point me in the right direction for a trip to Canada fishing for Atlantic’s? Rough idea on cost? Best time of year? Reputable companies? Any info much appreciated Thanks SNAPT14
  12. Fly Tying Topics
    Worked with artist Joe Tomelleri to create this framing, full of featherwings from Canada and UK. Found a killer "black watch" green mat that i'm in love with, goes nice with the burgundy, that picks up the spots in the fish. Joe drew the fish from life on the Miramichi; it is a limited...
  13. Fishing Videos
    2016 marks the year for our 10 years of fishing together. We stay at cabins stay up late playing guitar and get up early to go fishing. Here is our 10 year anniversary video. Enjoy!
  14. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    I picked this up from the news wires today - a positive step by a leading Canadian minister it would seem. Let's hope his colleagues around Northern Europe take note! Source - by Ben Fisher The minister of forest, land and natural resource operations, and rural development in...
  15. Fishing Videos
    A wee video compilation of our fishing trip to British Columbia, Canada, last spring to fish for Steelhead. The Fishing was tough with a few blank days. They don't call it the fish of a thousand casts for nothing! Spring Steelhead - YouTube
  16. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Thanks to a partnership between New Brunswick, the federal government, First Nations groups and the scientific community a record number of endangered Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon have been reintroduced into the rivers of Fundy National Park. Nearly...
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hello from Central Canada. Don't get any salmon fishing in Manitoba, but fortunately, I've had the chance to salmon fish on both coasts of this great country! Hoping to add to my fly fishing skills here.
  18. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Source: By Kate McKenna, CBC News The Quebec Federation for Atlantic Salmon is calling on the provincial government to stop a plan that would see 30 million litres of water pumped from rivers, including two that contain salmon, on Anticosti Island. Energy company Petrolia got the go-ahead from...
  19. General Board
    Source: THE CANADIAN PRESS Published Tuesday, June 28, 2016 12:18PM ADT MIRAMICHI, N.B. -- A large swath of land that contains vital habitat for wild Atlantic salmon is being protected in New Brunswick. The Nature Conservancy of Canada is creating a reserve with 853 hectares of land, making...
  20. Fishing Videos
    A wee video on the Pitt River, just 45 minutes from Vancouver. One of the best Coho runs in BC. There are also big bull trout, Cutthroat and rainbows in the river. Look out for the bear half way through! Fishing for Coho salmon Fishing an egg for bull trout
1-20 of 25 Results