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  1. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    I'm enjoying this new light box. Might need a better camera though
  2. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    My wee cheapo light box finally arrived from China so trying out different camera settings and things like that. Tied this Green Silk Shrimp this afternoon...
  3. General Board
    In case anyone wants a new camera for fishing with next season. 404 No resource found
  4. Photography - Hints & Tips
    Hi everyone, I am looking for an action camera for fishing. I like the idea of catching that moment of the take. Anyway, i am hoping to get something fairly good quality. I have had a cheap "knock off" go pro but it just didnt film particularly well. So what camera would you recommend? I was...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Some pictures from the camera trap. The deer are in the middle of changing coats. The pine martens seem more common than you would think. And Mr fox is everywhere.
  6. General Board
    Was thinking about spending some money on a Go Pro video camera for the odd time when I might have something to take videos of. Anybody out there with any advice on what to get and which accessories work best in an angling environment. I tried a search on SFF but can find nothing. :help:
  7. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Tied a few of these RM's for the Usk. Didn't come out to well with the camera ? Sewinfly...........
  8. Picture Gallery
    Looked out the window seen what i thought was an otter splashing around with a salmon in it's mouth ran for camera ,turned out it was a cormorant swallowing salmon head first .
  9. Classified Sales
    this was my son's but he barely used it and now has another one......? , I'd say In pristine condition not a mark on it as it was well protected front and back covers great camera too 24mp no charger but nearly everyone has one , and no earphones it's on o2 network but can be changed if you...
  10. General Board
    This buck showed up last night, I'm sure to the dismay of the two smaller ones in my earlier game camera post. Not a record rack, but exceptionally large by whitetail standards.
  11. General Board
    In recent years I pass I have helped pass the winter - which unfortunately is much longer and colder than those of the UK - here in Maine with a variety of little projects, and one of them is the use of my game camera. I have a couple of deer feeders around my yard, and we get some interesting...
  12. Picture Gallery
    Couple of recent photos whilst out and about with the camera. Struggling to upload - will add the deer later! The deer aren't the best images - struggling with the light!! Beel
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    A bit of an odd question but packing my fishing stuff this afternoon for a whole week of scorchio I got to thinking how much stuff I had lost, misplaced, cannot find or has fallen our of my car, pocket or something else. My own include (in the last ten years): 3 Nautilus salmon reels 1...
  14. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Another couple I tied since the New Year. Apologies about the photography but it's a lot handier taking/uploading pictures on my phone rather than all that comes with the camera, photoediting, downloading, uploading, etc. :redface: Tails might be a bit on the long side but they'll do me...
  15. General Board
    A terrible shot from an awful video. The boots are size 11 and the picture taken by a 5'10" person standing upright holding the camera to their eyes to see. The fish is resting in the water on the gravel Whats it weigh?
  16. General Board
    I've previously shared some pictures of deer at my feeder taken with a game camera. I knew that we had some coyotes around, and I have been trying to bait them to get a shot, but the camera I've been using near the bait pile hasn't been working correctly. I caught these new shots over the last...
  17. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    There I'm not dead - first fly since 20 May due to moving and trying to turn this depressing season round - more rust than an old nail - this is the Teviotside, for some reason the claret pigs wool and hackle look much brighter than they are - probably down to the dodgy camera (which isn't my...
  18. Swap Shop
    Nikon coolpix l320 superzoom digital camera 16 MP sensor 26 X superzoom lens,with nikkor lens 225-585 m Iso 80-1600 3" screen Hd video recording Lens shift vibration reduction Anti blur techno!igy 18 scene modes Wireless transfer with eye-fi card Will come with 8 GB memory card, Stunning...
  19. Head Cam Videos
    Sorry for not posting up a head cam vid as I'm still at the preparation stage. I was wondering if any of you guys who have been videoing your catches could share the best way to mount the camera on your head?
  20. Video Gallery
    Enjoy the video Salmon fishing in the Lake District August 2017 - YouTube
1-20 of 24 Results