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  1. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    NRW implements emergency byelaws to protect salmonOriginally Published by Natural Resources Wales (12 Dec 2018) Emergency byelaws which will protect salmon stocks after previous byelaws expired have been made by Natural Resources Wales. The current National Salmon Byelaws, which have been in...
  2. News & Features
    Environment Agency announces new national salmon and sea trout byelaws - GOV.UK And Angling Trust welcomes ban on unsustainable salmon netting - The Angling Trust
  3. General Board
    A few days ago I received an e-mail from Fishing Wales explaining the current position regarding the dragged out proposed new fishing byelaws. This has been going on for about three years! In summary it states that NRW is introducing emergency byelaws to protect salmon, which replicate the...
  4. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    I received this in my inbox today,thangs seems to be getting worse as opposed to better,No fish to be taken from the humber rivers-wow a river (humber) that must see a goo 100k+ plus fish pass each season and that's a low end estimate. anyway have a read Dear Angler...
  5. General Board
    Advertisement of proposed new byelaws for salmon and sea trout fisheries Dear Angler We are advertising proposed new byelaws to regulate the fishing for salmon and sea trout by net and rod fisheries in England and on the Border Esk. To view and respond to these proposed byelaws, please click...
1-5 of 5 Results