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  1. General Board
    Am On the look out for a new jc cape but what am seeing is ludicrous prices for at the best grade B capes. Considering suppliers here are buying in batchs of grade B capes for between $20 and $25 then selling them here for £55 to £60 it would put me off buying any capes now greed is a bad thing.
  2. General Board
    Don't think it's fair to stop anybody buying a rod on the classified page because youv only 20 odd posts it's me that would be sending the money to the person not the other way round so I loss a rod I have been looking for for over 2 years. This is definitely not a fair system youv got...
  3. General Board
    Thinking of buying one of these, not used one so looking for opinions?
  4. General Board
    Bit of fun, outside of rods reels and lines, what fishing tackle/accessories can you not stop buying no matter how many you have? My two are torches for sea trout night sessions - must have 20! And polaroids - always need different lens colours etc so probably have 5 pairs or more! Anyone else...
  5. Rod Building
    Hi all, I have a Bruce and Walker Powerlite 15' #10 and am thinking of a complete refurb of the rod, ie: new eyes,whippings,real seat, handle . Anyone on here recommend anyone? I'm in Fife. It's either that or I'll end up buying another????
  6. Loop
    Just see that loop are doing a limited addition one of these reels for the year of the salmon, cracking reel and great to see they are donating 200 pound off each sale to the cause, my point being is I think they should run other items of there tackle with this ie clothing etc Im sure a few...
  7. General Board
    AM fly tying offering some bargain JC capes again........just another example of inflated prices on JC! Ridiculous...
  8. General Board
    Hi everyone. Gentlemen, I need advice on buying a new rod. I hesitate between Zenith and Zephrus 13.6 8/9. Can you advise me on what to decide? I am thinking of buying either a used Zephrus or a new Zenith which is more expensive by more or less 200 pounds ... I will also be grateful for every...
  9. General Board
    I have had some experience recently as has a friend, where a retailer has actively tried to discourage someone from buying a 15ft rod even though they were interested in buying one and experienced enough to know what they wanted. In my case it just meant I didn't buy a rod from the shop and went...
  10. General Board
    Anyone got this. My neighbour gave this to me today . He got it free with a music magazine. I stopped my T and S months ago. Its one of the better " freebies" that I have seen and well worth having . It's still not going to get me buying the T and S though. Colin.
  11. General Board
    Hardy HBX Classic Troutfisher Tackle Bag | Sportfish Seems like a bargain, who's buying one?
  12. General Board
    Wanting to make mepps style spinners and flying cs, any idea best place to order items and what i actually need am i better buying a kit of some sort?
  13. Lines
    Hello, I’m after a new Rio Scandi short line for my 13ft 8wt, but, can I use the 10ft tips that came with my old Rio AFS instead of buying a whole kit? Is there anything special about the versitips or are they just a versi/Polyleader? Cheers Ben
  14. Fly Tying Topics
    Has anybody got a spare pot of kingfisher blue dye they’d be willing to part with? I only need enough for one cape and don’t see the point in buying a pot of veniards as I won’t use it again! If you’ve got a spoonful I will happily give you a couple of quid for it! Let me know
  15. General Board
    I am looking for a spare travel rod and was thinking the shakey fits the bill . I currently have lines for the sage tcx 8 weight and wasnt sure which Oracle would be the 7/8 or 8/9. I have the airflo rage in 480 and skagit switch in 510 and gaelforce in 460 i think. Also i was thinking...
  16. Reels
    Does anyone have a behemoth or used to to give me a idea if it’s worth buying or not
  17. General Board
    Is it me ? In this months T&S there is a 3 page spread on Hardys new HBX rod and reel range . The rods are priced at £900 for a single hander and £1300 for a double handed . I recently tried the Sage X and a mighty fine rod it is but at a RRP of £829 i will not be buying one. I bought my last...
  18. Classified Wanted
    Anybody hoarding old Esmond Drury trebles in 8, 10, 12, and 14, black preferebly ??? I'd be interested in buying some. I have no interest in the modern copies, thank you.
  19. Swap Shop
    Looking to swap the above quality rods-hardly used. Carp/pike and sea rods are used only on one outing as my friend passed soon after buying them. Looking to swap for fly fishing gear-particularlly a quality 10'#-5-6 wgt quality rod for drys and quality reel. Thanks
  20. Classified Wanted
    Morning Thought i'd check on here to see if anybody had one spare, before buying new. Looking for the head only please, not the integrated Many Thanks
1-20 of 29 Results