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  1. General Board
    I have a couple of multiplier reels that need a good going over for next season. I have in the past used blakdog tackle and Russ does a great job. He is so busy that it's around a 6 week turnaround has anyone used any other reel service engineers ??
  2. General Board
    Hi All Anyone know how many members there are in RADAC? Just wondering it its worth joining as I don't want to fish waters which are too busy. Also, as a game fisherman I noticed they have quite a lot of coarse water. Are their waters good game waters? Thanks
  3. General Board
    More pollution Another pollution incident. Not sure NRW will have time to deal with this though. Too busy dealing with the push to ban bait fishing for salmon on Welsh rivers. Hundreds of fish die in 'devastating' pollution incident - Wales Online
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Travelling up to Ullapool next Thursday. Which Forth Bridge should I use ? I suspect my sat nav will direct me to the old one . Should I ignore it and try and find the new one ? I hear that the new one has been very busy.
  5. Hunting & Shooting
    Been busy at the roe last few months total 27 bucks some of the better ones
  6. General Board
    Hi all i hope you all its o.k ,with my very good i'm not disappeared, o my god i see 16 message !! sorry i was to busy with working and casting sport too and other things. answer you now . Speyboy/ Cornelis
  7. Picture Gallery
    River nith dgaa beat Water was a good height today 1ft 6" But myself and a few of the lads were busy doing bankings on the DGAA BEAT,hopefully give it a go tomorrow,although there is heavy rain forecast tonight ?? BEFORE AFTER
1-7 of 7 Results