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  1. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    A few flies that did the business for me during the past season
  2. General Board
    Demand for farmed salmon is 'causing an ecological disaster' | HeraldScotland
  3. Picture Gallery
    Big back end ?. Managed to land him quick and release him to do the business.
  4. Picture Gallery
    Had a few days on the Spey last week with friends and managed to hook this one on my last day. Not the freshest fish but a welcome one all the same. Red Frances on a Gaelforce Hover Line did the business. Quick picture and off she swam like a torpedo:thumb:. Cheers Diarmid.
  5. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    I had an interesting conversation with a contact from the West Coast today. The chat go onto salmon farming and in particular the catching of wrasse for use as cleaners. One business was reputed to have been given a contract for 40,000 wrasse at £ 3.50 p/ fish ! I think that this may have been...
  6. General Board
    QUOTE - Salmon Fishery Owners Take Heed! May 6, 2018 The end for the "Business" of salmon fishing in Scotland as we know it. Or is it?? Salmon fishing in Scotland | River Spey | Ian Gordon Salmon Fishing The graph above shows he impact of Smolt releasing on what is one of the most...
  7. General Board
    Programme on BBC World Service Radio right now about salmon farming and the hugely positive social impact it has had. The figures involved are staggering, in revenue and jobs. Whole things seems unstoppable. It's under the "Global Business - The Fish Farming Revolution" heading. BBC - World...
  8. Patterns for other species
    Planning a day or two fishing for sea trout in the salt,tied these up today hopefully they do the business
  9. Fly Tying Topics
    Is there something I need to do at my end to see the old photobucket pics from old threads? Or is this 3rd party hosting business relying on you paying a subscription?
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Good to see Everton have mugged United with Lukaku, great bit of business by the Toffees ;)
1-10 of 11 Results