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  1. General Board
    For years we have been told that the return rate for smolts/salmon has fell from 30% to 5% or approx. I for one took them at their word as the 30% figure was quoted and printed numerous times by people who should know.Although i did think the 30% figure seemed a bit on the high side i took...
  2. Scottish Rivers
    Spotted this in Old Rayne today, Bonnyton burn running orange. The burn runs into the river Urie , which in turn runs into the Don. This is not an isolated case as I witnessed this environmental vandalism many times over the years. Called SEPA straight away, usual waste of time of course. Next...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Got asked to do some halloween make up for one of the girls in our house came up with this burn theme happy Halloween:p
  4. General Board
    I was fishing the river I grew up on, this thursday. River Urr. Upstream from me , their is a large gas pipeline being laid. The pool I started to fish on has a little burn running in, at the head. Always when you cross the burn you notice loads little fingerlings. I started fishing full of...
1-4 of 4 Results