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  1. Fishing Clothing
    I’ve got 3 sets of Simms waders, one pair I got at a fab price and are in the wardrobe waiting for one of the others to fail, the other 2 I swap between. However I broke the little black plastic keep that crosses the straps on your back, no bother I borrowed one from the others but eventually my...
  2. General Board
    This was a rod my grandfather gave me when I was a boy, the first time I used it I broke it! this was the deluxe fast action five piece travel rod :lol::lol:
  3. Picture Gallery
    The ocean salmon fishing has not been that great. I went out one day to try some near shore halibut. I have been trying to catch one close in for three years now. I broke that streak the other day. Sure feels good not having to go 20 miles out to catch one.
  4. Prawn & Shrimp
    Dye for prawns Hi all, I have searched and found a few threads on how to dye prawns, The only problem is that the links to the dye are broke. Does anyone know where I could buy the dye for these prawns? Thanks S
  5. General Board
    My beloved Hardy Favourite 10'6" 2 Piece #7 top section broke (my fault) on Friday. So as a long shot, if anyone has a spare top from a broken bottom section or needs my bottom section - let me know. As its 1984 year of make, I don't think Hardy's will have a spare either. cheers in hope Kf
  6. Shooting Heads
    I recently bought a guideline 3D head for my Guideline AWM 13ft 8/9 rod. It's the first time iv had the correct line on it and the first time iv managed a proper cast. 10 casts in it broke just above the joint. What cheap rod will throw out a shooting head? Shakespeare???
  7. General Board
    I've caught a fair few really small salmon but last week broke my record with a 1lb 5oz. Can anyone beat that?
1-7 of 7 Results