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  1. Patterns for other species
    First attempt at a ragworm,.... definitely room for improvement but looking fwd to refining it Articulated mount on 30lbs braid with different colours of nano fritz spun together
  2. General Board
    This is one for all you braid proponents and regular users. I saw this Berkley X9 on offer so bought a spool to fill my multiplier. I used the drop down box and selected 31lbs. What arrived was an exampleof the most confusing labeling ever.:( The diameter states 0.14mm which I thought was...
  3. General Board
    As above im looking for someone that stocks 50lb gudebrod hollow braid? Thanks Al
  4. General Board
    Hi, can anyone help me to get a spool of the braid to make braided loops ? I am aware that you can get these spools fairly easily in a trout size but I am looking for the larger, wider diameter braid for salmon size etc. I have tried Airflo and Roman Moser without success. Any help ?
  5. Trout Fishing
    Hi all, Can you help a relative newbie please? I'm confused! I don't know what kind of line I should stick on my reel when spinning for trout. I'd read a lot about braid being tough and sensitive so I thought I'd pop some braid on there. Now I'm being told I should use fluorocarbon whilstst...
  6. Lines
    Has anyone tried the Airflo Miracle Braid running line, I cant find it for sale in the UK?? But there seems to be good reviews on the various USA sites, is there a reason we cant get it??
  7. General Board
    Can anyone recommend a decent floating high visibility braid 35 to 50lb BS please.
  8. General Board
    Have a full range of Airflo Polytips which recommend tying on tippets up to 22.5lb. Have recently bought some 18lb Fluro and Nylon both of which are considerably thicker (0.4mm) than the Nylon core of the Polytip. Indeed having pulled for a break when snagged, using the fluro, the Polytip broke...
  9. Spinning
    If spinning with braid is it necessary to have a mono leader.
  10. Spinning
    Hi. New to this site. I fish the Irvine and Ayr, spinning or worming, depending on the river state. I am looking at possibly swapping from Chameleon 12lb mono to braid. What’s everyone’s thoughts on braided line and Is there any recommendations for what line to buy?
  11. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Experimenting with using Veevus flat braid for the body's on singles, gold body and orange tag and vice versa. A bit different from tinsel and bulks it up a bit. Cheers
  12. Rookies Corner
    What breaking strain braid should i order for salmon and running line loops, fordam and wakefield 35lb or 50lb Thanks Al
  13. General Board
    Does anyone know a uk stockist for the Guideline / Frodin SSS halo braid? (I note Angus Angling have stock but not in the colours I am after) Or a similar product? Cheers
  14. Classified Sales
    non salmon related but if you like your sea fishing these right appeal selling*my Daiwas, an SHA20 and a SLOSH30 £85 posted for the SHA £55 the SLOSH Both pretty much*new and loaded with new braid alsocould do a deal on a swap for a 9/10 reel along with the beach rods I have up craig
  15. Swap Shop
    Hi guys i went out and got a load of really good gear back in nov as i planned to get back into winter cod fishing but to be honest ive used it twice and as im in stirling its a pain in the bum travelling with in on a dark winter night looking to swap for a 13 to 14ft rod and or reel the grear...
  16. General Board
    Anyone got any views if the colour makes a difference or not? Cheers S
  17. Classified Sales
    got these advertised elsewhere but if your interested in a good quality beach/shore set up, ideal for winter cod fishing this would do nicely 1x daiwa slosh 30 used a couple times in box loaded with new 60lb braid 1x daiwa sha 20 used twice in box with new 53lb j braid 1x daiwa supercast 13ft...
  18. Methods and Tactics
    Could be a naive question but watched a keeper fishing for grayling with braid as a leader. Looked much more delicate and I wondered if it would work for salmon? Old hat I'm sure but interested in anyone's experience. Fairhope
  19. Other Tackle
    Responded to an advert by this company for some braid, after 3 days they responded with an email saying out of stock. 3 days after this email they are still advertising the braid as in stock. If you ever order from these people a phone call may be in order to check their availability. I suspect...
  20. Prawn & Shrimp
    Just wondering i am in need of new braid for my prawn set up. I was using Gliss WFT and found it a lovely line to control however the problem with the braid, I found that it got very frail after a few weeks (5 days) fishing.Not good enough for a line. I am thinking on Power Pro Braid any...
1-20 of 21 Results