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  1. Classified Sales
    Purchased in a sale at £140 and used for 3 days yomping on the Dionard. Never seen the light of day again as we dropped the let. Extremely comfortable ensuring dry warm feet Barbour High Boot size 11 U.K./ 12 U.S./45 Euro. Vibram soles, leather uppers. Top boots. £60 posted U.K.
  2. Rookies Corner
    Just wondering what everybody's preference is for wading boot soles? Felt, rubber, versi grip not sure what to get.:batty:
  3. Classified Sales
    i bought these boots last year and gave them a few sessions on the river, very light use, I changed them as I like a lighter boot, more like a hiking boot. These are very sturdy and secure boots and very like the Simms G3's. UK size 10. They come with 3 seperate soles, studded with grip (like...
  4. Fishing Clothing
    After many years of best experiences with some pairs of the Simms G3 leather wading boots I tried the new synthetic model. I know it’s a lot of money, but wearing my old army clothes and old jogging shoes for fishing in my younger years, I don’t save money on shoes for safety and safe wading or...
  5. Fishing Clothing
    Hi There. I’ve got a pair of the above boots only worn a couple of times. What I have noticed is the one boot fits perfectly and the other is fine in the foot, but seems to rub at the Achilles heel area so making it a little uncomfortable after continue wear. Do these boots have less padding...
  6. Vendor Deals
    We were hoping to have our new website at AM Angling up and running already, so apologies for the delay! However a new product we are delighted to offer our customers for 2018 is the Hodgman Waders, Boots and Clothing. So as an introductory special on the Boots we will be giving away an...
  7. General Board
    It's something I do believe in and try where ever possible to keep a reasonable approch to Salar. But by the very nature of the sport, that line of thinking must and frequently does fall short along the way.Now I've experienced a sucessfull "Red Indian approach" and had one where I expected 1st...
  8. General Board
    All, Looking to make a safe area for my dog in the boot of my car. I fish twice/ three times a week so the rods etc are permanently in the car. I think this kind of thing would be useful as she can have a break from fishing too and I could leave the boot open to allow her plenty fresh air...
  9. General Board
    Thought I would share this with you as it saves a lot of time and expense. A few weeks ago I had to replace my boot studs and didn't really want to pay too much for a small packet A bit of research on the web and I came up with these - 100 x Tech Slash Point Screws for Roofing & Cladding, Sheet...
  10. Boots
    Anybody know the largest boot I can get?
1-10 of 10 Results