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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    In the early 70s as a teenager i had a collection of observer books, the ones i remember having were British birds,birds eggs,fresh water fishes,pond life and British trees and one or two others, these books were an essential when out exploring too use as a reverence. I now see that some of...
  2. Fly Tying Topics
    Hi I am planning to start tying some salmon flies for next season, I have tied some trout flies in my youth (very distant past) what books would you recommend for a beginner? thanks in advance John
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Sad to hear that he’s left us. I always enjoyed his articles in the various angling magazines , and one or two of his books rest on my shelves at home. He’ll be missed.
  4. General Board
    Just got the 2 copies this book from Spey Bros. Top Salmon Flies vol 1 and 2. I prefer the second volume. But both books imo are good. I like the fact it tells you different methods, and different times to fish the particular fly. Its mostly from Skandi fishers, and Skandi river. Iv actually...
  5. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    I personally do own the three books Rare & Unusual Feathers Vol. 1 and 2 and Forgotten Flies and would never give them away but a friend of mine wants to sell his copies. They were never used and are untouched as new. The contain a wealth of information for the classic fly dresser. PM pls. if...
  6. Rookies Corner
    as a novice I stumbled upon a book salmon fishing a practical guide by Hugh Falkus . A good read both entertaining and educational. It makes me think are there any other good books for a novice that you consider are a must read . Likewise what Magazine are worth spending money on.
  7. Classified Sales
    Hugh falkus salmon fishing also sea trout fishing . books £25 delivered uk GG
  8. Classified Sales
    I have the following duplicated books that need to go as thinning library: The Art of The Wet Fly W. S. Roger Fogg. in VG condition. Dust jacket slightly chipped on top edge and slight yellowing to edges of pages. !st edition by AC Black. price £23 including signed for delivery. Salmon...
  9. Classified Sales
    Having a major clear out of my collection of books Amazing Fishing Stories by Paul Knight fishings strangest days by Tom Quinn The Anglers Retreat by Matt Crampton Salmon by Arthur Oglesby Glorious Gentlemen Lies damned lies and anglers Secret Lochs special places all by Bruce Sandison All...
  10. Classified Sales
    Thinning my library with duplicated copies...... Salmon Fishing Sea Trout Fishing by Hugh Falkus Hardback copies with intact dust jacket some fading to dust jacket spines. Books in Very good condition with minimal wear. These are not first edition but later reprints( details sent via pm if...
  11. Classified Sales
    I am going through my books and found a spare copy of the above rare title. Looking for £50 inc postage and packing. Book in excellent condition with dust wrapper which has a few minor blemishes but no tears. Also found another copy of Salmon Flyfishing The Dynamics approach by F. T. Grant in...
  12. Fly Tying Topics
    Where's the best source of information about tying tube flies? Apart from you tube! Ie, books for beginners etc.
  13. General Board
    A post this evening by JACK POWER referred to a book by Sidney Spencer. I have most of his books and they are my absolute favourites from my small library. I lend them to no one! What has always intrigued me is who was Sidney Spencer... is the name a pen-name? What did he do other than...
  14. Classified Sales
    Got a few books I'm looking to sell, would rather sell them in one lot and would need to be collected [Thornhill, DG3] as postage would be a fair price I'd imagine. Eight books as per photos, asking £20 for the lot.
  15. Rookies Corner
    Hi, I've just joined the forum and imagine that experienced members are asked these basic questions all of the time .......but goes. Are there any simple (easy to follow) books on fly patterns and fly tying for salmon (and sea trout) flies? I often tie my own trout flies but have...
  16. General Board
    I've been fishing since I was a nipper and salmon fishing for over twenty years on the river ribble - I've read a lot of books about salmon fishing and always wanted to write one a little different - Its safe to say that that has been achieved in my debut book Terminal Chancer. Rather than...
  17. Rookies Corner
    Morning, Can anyone please recommend some Introductory level, instructional books on Salmon fishing, suitable for a still water trout fisherman? Spey casting, Skagit , spinning ,tackle choice, fly selection,fly tying and river-craft would all be of interest. Thanks.
  18. Classified Sales
    A deveron friend has put all her father's fishing books up for sale . There are about 30 and include W.L Calderwood The Salmon Rivers and Lochs of Scotland, 1909 which is No 128 of 250. there is also a 1770 book but no prices have appeared yet on the website in...
1-18 of 18 Results