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  1. General Board
    My wife recently booked 12 return flights to Florida from Scotland via London Gatwick for our family summer holiday. She booked these on a Thursday night and when she went online to book the seats the website would not allow us to do anything as there was a problem with 2 passengers having the...
  2. Scottish Rivers
    Happy New Year everyone, I am getting to the point of booking some fishing for the spring and early summer. Not last season but the one before I booked on the river Awe, at the barrage. I later found out it was the lowest fish count on record. I did enjoy my...
  3. General Board
    Fishpal have just completed their pre season Tweed booking renewals for 2018, and published a list of the rods still to be let. There is a huge number - some weeks over 300 rod/days are available, in the prime autumn period. Several well known upper beats have only a handful of lettings...
  4. General Board
    I see Fishpal have "revamped" the "Beat / Fishery Descrptions" section of their website. Main difference being, I now can't seem to find a direct contact for the beat / ghillie, as this seems to have been removed? End result being, unless you've already got the contact details for a beat you...
  5. General Board
    This is one I've discussed with a few friends of late and I'm interested to hear people's responses - as we appear to be stuck in a time where runs of fish aren't as we'd like them and we regularly touch on the topic of 'value for money', what are people ideas around booking fishing when a beat...
  6. Classified Sales
    Looking to sell this rod as I can no longer make it. I will inform the Ghillie that someone else is fishing and i will also forward the fishpal booking confermation. £70 Pm me if your interested.
1-6 of 6 Results