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  1. Classified Wanted
    Hi all, it's a long shot on a salmon forum I know but I am looking for a "Rutland" boat seat if anybody has one they don't need. Not looking for an Airflo one or any other make. Thanks SP8
  2. General Board
    Airthrey Loch weed cutting contraption c/w bow scissors . :).
  3. General Board
    Looking for information on where to launch own boat on loch tay and where to source salmon permits is this possible not much online to help ?
  4. Rookies Corner
    Well, I've got this flight of fancy in my head, it's been bubbling about for a year or two and since a T+S article recently has been occupying my thoughts quite a bit. I've a hankering to catch a Salmon from a drifting boat on one of the big loch's or lough's, the article on the Leven River and...
  5. Video Gallery
    We were 4 miles off start point fishing a wreck when we were surrounded by numerous pods of dolphins and shoals of tuna breaking the surface. A charter boat was circling us and we knew the skipper, he was fortunate to hook one of the tuna and release it after having got it next to the boat...
  6. General Board
    Looking to replace 3/4 length jacket which I mostly use for boat fishing. I've previously had a hardy ews which lasted about 5 seasons and was wondering what else was on offer.
  7. Salt Water Fishing
    My friend has a cottage on Bute so myself & a few of the lads are heading over the 1st weekend in June. We’re looking at doing a 4hr charter, none of the guys are fishers apart from myself but they would like a wee shot on a boat bringing in a few fish, nothing serious Just wondered if anyone...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Seems the right place to start a thread on sea fishing since it’s mostly (but not exclusively) non-fly based. Anybody like to get out and do a bit of beach, rock or boat fishing? I’ve done a fair bit of charter boat fishing and am getting back into beach fishing. I used to fly fish for bass...
  9. River Spey
    Hi there! I usually fish the Association water at Grantown in May so i know that area well. My other half has booked us a week on Speyside near Aviemore this year mid to end March! Great news and I can bring my gear. I am right to say the fish aren't that far up in March - wheres best to be...
  10. Rods
    I've been having a think about 11 ft+ boat rods for lough/loch boat fishing for sea trout and grilse. I have three long s-h rods but all are over 20 years old and blank technology has moved on a long way in that time, getting lighter - but often stiffer, too. It got me wondering what rods, say...
  11. Picture Gallery
    Working boat on her way home.
  12. Picture Gallery
    If you don't want to come into contact with salmon teeth, you certainly want to stay clear of these. After the worst salmon season ever for most of us, it's great to get the adrenalin going again and find something that can put a bend in a rod. We've been trying to get a shark trip together in...
  13. Picture Gallery
    Not much to say about the salmon fishing, other than we'll forget this one. Sea fishing's been difficult too. If it's lack of water for salmon, it's too much wind for boat fishing! We took advantage of a gap in the weather early this week to get a trip in. I've had a mission for a while to try...
  14. Gillie's Tales
    So I choose this forum, I am a genuine fishing guide and I think you call them Gillies over there so here's a tale about a recent day. As far back as I can remember fly fishing I didn't like it when there were other people around while I fished. The exception was when I had a fishing buddy for...
  15. Shakespeare
    I know this is nothing to do with salmon fishing but when the salmon fishing is dire you have to get your fix somewhere else Having recently bought a boat I am wondering if anyone had any knowledge of the Shakespeare agility 2 braid boat rod 9-12lb class. I am fishing the farrar in sept and...
  16. River Tay
    Does anyone know if you can get a permit to fish from your own boat in Loch Tay or do you have to rent a boat from one of the riparian owners/marinas/Hotel’s etc to be able to fish? Thanks, Davey
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Given the variegated weather of this year’s winter , spring , and summer , and also a complete loss of interest in salmon fishing , I’m considering getting a day boat in time for next spring. Fiberglass, with permanent cuddy , shallow draft , outboard ( which must be able to propel the boat...
  18. General Board
    Morning all, Appealing for information on natural trout lochs in Aberdeenshire? I'd love to find a good one to spend some summer evenings at. Boat or no boat doesn't bother me. Cheers, DS
  19. Picture Gallery
    ....a bend in the rod. I can't catch salmon,not the latest models anyway. One probable lost and plenty of last years landed. Time for a break. We had planned a trip over to the west coast for a while. Sound of Jura was the destination, common skate the target. The boat was loaded up at...
  20. Faults & Cures
    I was out fishing yesterday and was fishing from boat for a short while. Had a dreaded strong upstream wind to deal with. Wind was too strong for double spey or double circle spey/ snap t with casting anchors blowing in on top of me sitting in back of boat. What cast would you use in this...
1-20 of 24 Results