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  1. General Board
    Hi Folks. Just hoping someone can guide me toward the right syndicate if anyone is taking anglers. I'm looking for something in the mid to lower stretches, Mallow to Lismore areas. I'm fly only, C&R, and would prefer somewhere with good fly water runs. I generally tend to get out midweek in...
  2. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Im looking to become a member/syndicate on either the Nore or Blackwater this coming season. There are new bypass roads to be completed soon in Wexford that mean the journey times are now reasonable. My personal experience on the Nore isnt great but I like fishing there. The 3 times Iv fished...
  3. Worm Fishing
    Planning on going out and picking a few lobworms over the next few nights for a trip down to the blackwater..whats the best way to store them to keep them in best condition?
  4. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    The river gave up its first fish on Sunday, just reported today on the FII website : congrats to Darragh. what a Birthday present to get ! by 'clondulane club water' do they mean that the disputed stretch opposite the Hopsital ?
  5. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    A CCK shrimp Tied on a Partridge Patriot size 12 this pattern of Ali Hutchens is doing well on the Blackwater SS Butt_Green wire Body _gold litebrite ribbed with gold wire Wing _two tone yellow and orange opposom Hackle_ red badger Amherst feelers JC cheeks
  6. Prawn & Shrimp
    which is better the Prawn or the Shrimp when I free line the Shrimp I seem to get a lot more follows like Salmon Trout and Perch and not so much with the Prawn. I mostly use the Prawn on the float. I got Shrimps last year and gave them ago for the first time and when I fished the Blackwater in...
  7. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Hi everyone. I would be really grateful if fellow anglers could help me out. I am a student in 4th year DIT. I am doing my thesis on the Risks to Salmonid Management on the Boyne Catchment and I was wondering if you could take a few minutes to do it for me as it will aid in my research? this is...
  8. Cork Blackwater
    Firstly, I wish everybody on the Salmon Fishing Forum a Very Happy - & above all - Fishy New Year! Those of you that know my website know that I have a suite of interesting links to all things weather & river related on my Fishing Report page. I am always on the lookout for new knowledge &...
  9. Picture Gallery
    Having trout fished from an early age this year at 15 I decided to give the bigger relative a go. The famous Blackwater Co. Cork is two mins behind my back door and after seeing the huge run last year while trout fishing I was really excited this year! So after many, many blank days I finally...
  10. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    The Sand Gap on Lodge Beat 7 - Upper Kilmurry The season starts tomorrow - February 1st., with the river looking in superb condition. To kick-start the season, Blackwater Lodge will be offering free fishing during the first week from Monday February 1st to Friday, February 5th. inclusive...
1-10 of 10 Results