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  1. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Inspired by DrPatrickT's excellent posts on Tay Shrimps. Naturally I had to much about with it a bit and it has a Rabbit wing.... sorry;)
  2. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Looking to set mate up with a outfit for starting off , he’s bought the oracle scandi 12:9 rod looking bit of advice now on a reel and line now , spending around £100 for a reel , any help appreciated thx
  3. General Board
    I've spent quite a bit of time reading all the posts on the above and watching the daily figures etc but when I look at the graph on the worldometer site ( you can put coronavirus in the xxx any country ) I'm curious to know if anyone thinks that the uk is getting anywhere with this lockdown...
  4. Northern European Style Patterns
    Think this is a Sierrakorva. Turned out a bit stumpy but I'd definitely fish it.
  5. General Board
    a bit of a long shot but does anyone have any of these in there box or back of a cupboard,partridge/spigot tube fly,but cant remember the name or code,picture a bit blurry,i find these great hooks and down to my last couple :amen:
  6. General Board
    John Norris are having a sale of the above at the moment. Anyone got an opinion on them? I fancy a 10' #6 for use on the Wear, overhead casting where possible and single handed speycasting where necessary. I've got a #7 11' switch rod, would like something a bit lighter in the hand and on the...
  7. General Board
    Lockdown is a bit of a pain. Tired of tv, gardening etc? Here's something to keep you occupied for an hour or two. Prepare to be surprised. Tie up a short leader using your favourite nylon/fluoro, whatever. Make a loop, perhaps put in a joint knot, tie on a fly. Find a suitable container, tub...
  8. Picture Gallery
    Nikon D-80 with Tamron 300 mm using a polarize filter and Manual settings - f6.3 @1/80 ms - iso 100 EV -2 comped Cropped in a bit more Before I was able to figure out how to eliminate some hot spots in the images we had clouds that made things difficult. This was to be another super moon...
  9. Fly Tying Topics
    Hi Gents Not being a fly tyre myself, to cack handed couldn’t tie a fly to save my life, may I ask a question ? I’ll tell you how this came about, I was giving myself a hair cut this morning, I know a miserable old pensioner, well I was thinking, does anyone tie flies with human hair? My hair...
  10. Picture Gallery
    A bit of fun for these sh!t times. Tried a bit of baking this morning and was astounded they turned out the way they should have and taste really nice.
  11. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    A bit of Floro fibre and Fox in the tail. Oh and a Green erse for Hemmy :)
  12. General Board
    Off the cigarettes 8 weeks today and it wasn't bothering me too much until today and I was about to blow a gasket for some reason . had a real craving for a smoke so headed for the fly tying table to release a bit of steam, found some polar bear so decided to give it a go in the tail ,
  13. Picture Gallery
    After I left the river on Saturday, the river rose from 1m to over 2.5m with snow melt so that was going to give me the Monday morning blues as I expected the river to be unfishable. A chance look at the levels at lunch time showed that it was dropping quicker than expected and was around 1.2m...
  14. General Board
    Well, my current Ribble fishing, we rarely see fish with us before Mid May- it can happen but rarely does. After this months T+S my hankering for some earlier fishing I thought could well be satisfied by Carlisle and a trip to the Eden.However thats 2 hrs solid motorway driving each way(its...
  15. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    I was asked to do a bit at the Roadford Fly Fair yesterday. I'm a reluctant exhibitor but it was good fun last time I went . Despite the weather it was a good attendance. These are some of the flies I knocked up during the day. The head is a bit large on one but it was one I had to rescue...
  16. Northern European Style Patterns
    Loosely based from Thunder & Lightening Need to neaten up a bit but at least I'm tying flies :cool:
  17. General Board
    Airflo suggest tying a simple overhand knot to form the loop on these, which I do. But it annoys me that the loop then goes off at an angle with that method. It isn't so noticeable on a trout leader but on a salmon polyleader the angle is quite obvious. It's just a wee thing, but it kinda irks...
  18. Fly Tying Topics
    Folks, I've had this idea rattling around in my head for a while now... every year I take the dye pots out around now. Dye up a load of materials. A dozen pieces or so. Not many, just enough to pass an afternoon and get some inspiration to tye.. I'll do this 6 times or so between now and...
  19. General Board
    Did a fair bit of beachcasting years ago and became fairly proficient using multipliers, usually an Abu 7000 or a Daiwa millionaire, an Abu 6500 copy. Bought a new Abu 6501 a couple of years ago, only used it for a couple of boat trips so far so it's pretty much 'out of the box'. Being left hand...
  20. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Something a bit more traditional this evening.
1-20 of 142 Results