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  1. General Board
    Details on a survey that we should all complete to reduce the highly negative impact of non-native fish eating birds like goosander and European cormorants can be found here: New online effort to shoot more cormorants - details and link An example answer from me if it helps: There are far more...
  2. Picture Gallery
    Thought I would share some photographs from this weekend - beautiful birds!
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Hi, Can someone confirm if it is legal to possess an infertile egg from a captive bred bird of prey? I have looked at the law but it is based on Wild Birds. I have an old relative who has followed/studied British Birds of prey for over 50 years. He has just about anything and everything. I...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Thought folks might like this picture of Grade One farmyard construction from a shed I am, er 'sensitively restoring'. For anyone who wants to follow this design, remember to top it off with some old carpet. Don't worry about the gaps, the birds and mice will fill them with nice insulating...
  5. General Board
    this is a typical situation that we face, the uneducated public opinion led by the rspca bias to stir up hatred against anyone who doesn't hug trees same if it was seals birds etc , a huge hurdle to overcome the reactions are so over the top imo ❗ We are appealing for information after a beaver...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    The birds are finding it harder today. Had 17 yellow hammers at one point and an early pied wagtail.
  7. Picture Gallery
    How would you describe these?...Fish, Eating, Bird''S, OR Seven, Birds, Eying, Fish? What are they up, or rather down to, in a November upper Wye.
  8. Picture Gallery
    The Redpol arrived today around same time as last year ,have not seen many of these birds around ,scarce enough .
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    First task was to swim up through some rocks carrying my yolk sack. 2nd task was to eat my own yolk sack while trying to dodge some critters trying to eat me. 3rd task was to eat some lovely bugs and grubs without been eaten by some bad dude birds. 4th task was to swim down stream over some...
  10. General Board
    I note from an article in the Scottish section of BBC news today that there is to be a £6 M injection of funding into a stoat eradication programme in Orkney. The cash is coming from the EU ‘s LIfe Fund. The stoats are a threat to ground nesting birds and the Orkney Vole. It turns out that RSPB...
  11. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Not much sympathy for anglers in this Independent article today especially the letters comments! Mike Anglers urging government to allow shooting of more cormorants to stop birds eating fish they catch for sport Exclusive: Move comes despite failure to reach allocated quota of 3,000 in past two...
  12. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    An exclusive in todays Independent. Bit lengthy but worth a read. Although not salmon farming related, there are parallels with the damage caused by fish farms. The quote by the RSPB beggars belief when set against fish predation by an explosion in predators. Mike UK's favourite wildlife...
  13. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Just seen this on Countryfile BBC1. Robirds used to scare birds from airports. Robirds Is this a potential solution?
  14. General Board
    I have just heard the report by the river Dee trust on the second year of smolt tracking and by all accounts it seems that Gooseanders are doing more damage than originally thought. The loses for the smolts tagged in the Baddoch burn on the upper river were 70% mostly taking place from just...
  15. Hunting & Shooting
    Back in the 80s
  16. Hunting & Shooting
    hi guys, my second post, apart from the love of flytying during the close season i am in the lucky position of owning and hunting 2 Harris Hawks. as one season draws to an end, the hunting season for me is very close. having stopped hunting around March time this year, the birds are left alone...
  17. General Board
    Once fishing off a beach and tonight off the rocks I have cast a spinner out and a passing gannet has dived and grabbed the lure. The first time it was through the beak and the most recent "catch" was in the leg. I have been snapped both times and the birds have flown off with the spinners. Very...
1-17 of 17 Results