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  1. General Board
    We all love to see footage of salmon spawning, amateur or professional. Have you ever noticed that these are usually modest sized fish, occasionally twenty plus. No doubt these are the most accessible to film in the shallow water of headwaters or feeder streams. What about bigger fish, thirty or...
  2. Patterns for other species
    Hi fellow fishers and fly tyers. I do a lot of trolling on Loch Ness. I fish for Salmon and Ferox. I know not much has been tried in the way of trolling big flies for Ferox. I personally think that new tactics and a fresh approach should be deployed at any opportunity. Many Ferox i catch...
  3. Fishing Videos
    In these strange times we often look and think back of better times, and for many of us these are the times spent by the river. Here's one I remember well, a big old 'croc' that had been in the river a while, becoming quite feisty and cantankerous! Enjoy and stay safe everyone :)!
  4. Picture Gallery
    Hope you guys don't mind, I was going through some pics of a few years ago. Last few days of the season.It was blxxdy cold and the rings were freezing in the eyes of the rod. Working my way down the pool and there was a fresh splash at the tail. It was the last casts of the session. Soon as...
  5. Picture Gallery
    This picture made my day. Big thumbs up :)
  6. General Board
    Good evening all, Before arriving in Grantown in a little month, I hope Borris is not going to do like Trump! How big is the epidemic in you? Do you think there are risks of blocking your borders?:shocked:
  7. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    After being inspired by Gary Welsher's pigs I thought I'd have a shot. I had a look at recipes ( in Gary's book - always a good source of info). These aren't quite the format of a piggie I know - but was trying to play with junction shrimp look. One has natural badger and yellow glister dub then...
  8. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Tied this last nite, not sure size of hook buts its big ?,
  9. Vendor Deals
    See the advert below for more details. I use these lines myself quality made in china From a factory that produces for some of the big UK tackle firms surprise surprise. £7.50 posted or £5 collection Perth area.
  10. Scottish Rivers
    A little surprised to see that nobody has kicked off a new thread for this wonderful river which has unfortunately been struggling big style since 2013. That is when the Autumn run decided not to return and the once magnificent late season catches of big licers were replaced with a scattering of...
  11. Scottish Rivers
    Having a few beers mucking about on YouTube. Came across a couple of videos about salmon fishing in Lithuania. River Neris, I think. A big river with some very big salmon. Beautiful countryside. Nice footage of fish being caught.
  12. Classified Sales
    Wychwood Big Dipper 7wt Reduced Big Dipper 10ft sink tip 7 wt trout line. Looped and used for 20 minutes today, too light for my rod. Respooled in original box etc. £12.00 posted in U.K.
  13. River Dee
    Just to have it started. It has been my personal guess for years, that we should see an upswing in catches again from 2020 or 2021. The whole catchment saw an unusually big flood in 2014 (Bertha) and then an even bigger one in 2015 (Frank). There are obvious more reasons for the decline which...
  14. General Board
    2019 - A year of fishing. With all the rain, my river is most likely blown for the next few weeks. There will be no Grayling on the fly for a while, so it's season over for me. Therefore, I thought I would recap my season. In June we returned from 2 years in the United States and I learned a...
  15. Video Gallery
    Stuff of dreams.. The Film | Two Days at Steinfossen - the Big Fish - Frodinflies
  16. Salt Water Fishing
    The Dungeness Crab are nice and thick this time of year and the state of Oregon in their infinite wisdom closes the ocean season on us. But before they did, I pulled 32 of these big guys into the boat.
  17. Hardy
    Just got my hands on an immaculate 16ft #11 Marksman 2 T-Series and am wondering if anyone out there has used one,If so what Shooting Heads did you find best on it,I have 44g Guideline 3Ds,MacKenzie DTx 44g 2Ds and Scientific Angler Ultimate Scandi Taper in 3Ds 44g also Carron Jetstream 55ft...
  18. General Board
    Was sitting watching head cam videos on YouTube that popped up while I was checking out the tweed for trout fishing for next year. Been sitting watching them for a couple of hours and really enjoyed them.I have been a member for a few years and never noticed on here that there is a section on...
  19. General Board
    Looking through the catches on fishpal the last couple of weeks there seems to be quite a few fish being caught in the 20lb+ bracket,what is not clear (to me anyway) if these fish are mostly kippers or are we getting runs of big back end fish again?. I have heard it said that big fish means less...
  20. Picture Gallery
    Big back end ?. Managed to land him quick and release him to do the business.
1-20 of 96 Results