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    The river Dee trust has announced it is to plant a million trees on the upper reaches of the river and its tributaries,to help provide shade , food ,and nutrients for the waters and would also benefit a wide range of other wildlife. River Dee But then you have the numpty do gooders who want to...
  2. General Board
    I thought this was rather amusing :lol:
  3. General Board
    Chris Packham is now wanting to plant 100k trees, yet we introduce a creature that cuts them down on a daily basis. We managed for hundreds of years without Beavers yet a minority of people thought it would be a good idea to re introduce them. I'm not wanting to start a scientific v common...
  4. General Board
    A fine opportunity to learn just how good for the salmon population beavers are- The Beaver: Scotland's Ally | Scottish Wild Beaver Group
  5. General Board
    just saw on bbc news this morning that beavers now have protected status in scotland,i thought they were already protected, thia law will allow the spread of this non native species to get completely out of hand, special licences are needed not only to kill beavers but as i understand to even...
  6. News & Features
    Beavers to become protected species in Scotland - BBC News
  7. General Board
    Beavers to become protected species in Scotland It was always likely to end up going this way. Yet another example of the urban centre not understanding the countryside.
  8. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    A Consultation on the Beavers in Scotland Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Report - Scottish Government - Citizen Space
  9. General Board
    More beavers to be released in Argyll Poor things, they're having trouble breeding. Perhaps SNH could come and remove those from the Earn and relocate them :rolleyes:
1-9 of 9 Results