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  1. Other Videos
    Not seen any reference on the forum but have been enjoying videos on YouTube by Iain B.Many episodes on many rivers and beats in Scotland.Stay safe to all members and hopefully will help keep us going until we can resume our sport.Richard.
  2. General Board
    I am looking to take a couple of days on the Ettrick or Upper tweed in Nov just to finish my season off. I appreciate there will be no fresh fish but looking to get out regardless. I am not familiar at all with the upper tweed or Ettrick beats and was looking for some pointers. Not a lot of...
  3. General Board
    Sorry, had a video of a man supporting drone being used for fishing but can't post it.
  4. Scottish Rivers
    Looking for good information on where the beat markers and parking are located. I found Ruthven and a sign for Freeburn fishings but don't know if Moy beats are further downstream and if appropriate signage and beat markers are in situ. Aware the estate road is not in good condition not helped...
  5. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    I recently heard about a beat on the River Suir, which has the fishing organised/run by a Frenchman - cant be too many beats like that. I just wondered which beat it is ? Thanks
  6. River Spey
    Hi there! I usually fish the Association water at Grantown in May so i know that area well. My other half has booked us a week on Speyside near Aviemore this year mid to end March! Great news and I can bring my gear. I am right to say the fish aren't that far up in March - wheres best to be...
  7. Spare Rod/Member Meet-Ups/Fishing Days/Trips
    As per above single rod only available to join a party of three other rods (good bunch of lads) for one weeks fishing on the Naver. Fishing all six beats. Accommodation available from Sunday to Sunday. Ghillie available to show the beats, pools and offer advice. Contact me by pm for further...
  8. General Board
    In response to the powers that be down here in England and Wales we all warned that if draconian restrictions are put on anglers they will move elsewhere so affecting the local economy and, with no anglers around, opening up the opportunity for poaching resulting in more fish kills rather than...
  9. General Board
    Whatever has happened to the mid and upper Tweed fishings? 20 / 30 years ago most, if not all mid and upper Tweed beats returned at least 10 / 15 salmon per week plus some impressive sea trout to 15 lb. Approx half were firm silver beauties. I know that all salmon have had a terrible time this...
  10. General Board
    Hi folks wondering if anyone could help here I fished cargill last year and loved it as they offered bank and boat! Is there any other beats on the tay or other rivers yous have fished where this is available cheers guys Davy
  11. Hunting & Shooting
    Looking for an outing for a roe,,,,local to worcestershire/shropsire/warwickshire or similar,,,or just one off deer cull on farmers crop etc,,,have dsc level 1,rentokil technician,,,fully trained and insured,,, I am 65 in November and need a nice birthday outing,,,beats slippers any day,, Will...
  12. General Board
    Now it could be me, but just an observation in that certainly this year and I am of the opinion of the past 2 years as well when Salar does enter our rivers,they aren't for stopping or loitering any more, rather than getting a move on straight for the head waters/spawning areas. Seems to be more...
  13. River Tay
    I was looking at some Tay beats, Cargill and Ballathie, as far as I am aware although they are two different beats they share the same water on alternate days . One beat is double the price of the other beats for the same fishing , am I getting my facts wrong.
  14. General Board
    Bywell beat £219 + vat per day Review Type Score by % Star rating Fishery Description 79% ★★★★ Banks & Paths 76% ★★★★ Hut/boats etc 84% ★★★★ Gillie Service 82% ★★★★ Gillie Knowledge 82% ★★★★ Value for money 62% ★★★ Overall (based on 29 reviews) 78%...
  15. General Board
    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knew whether or not it's possible to source salmon pool/beat maps by the artist W N Bewick Ginty? I know there were a couple on eBay at the end of last year but I can't seem to find anywhere that sells them. Is it a case of there were only a couple of...
  16. Fly Tying Topics
    Forgive me, as a newbie, if this has been discussed before. I am mightily impressed by this dressing and the video on YouTube. I intend to tie a few up for my Spey trip to Pitchroy in late May. I am a great believer in showing them something they may not have seen on the lower beats as they move...
  17. General Board
    Hi all, I’ll be fishing this clubs water for the first time this year. Does anyone else on here fish it and can give me any pointers?? I.e best beats, best levels going off the Hutton castle guage I guess?? And successful flys ?. Cheers in advance
  18. News & Features
    Government asks ea to arrange transport to snowed in fishing beats Following depressing sales of new salmon licences due to bad weather, it was announced today, following a request from Michael Gove, a biker in his mis-spent youth, that the EA are to help rods with free transport to snowed-in...
  19. English Rivers
    Hi Guys Any info on mid Ribble beats thanks.
  20. General Board
    Right folks going to book some fishing on the dee on feb ive never fished the river before so looking for some pointers on what beats to fish should I be thinking about the lower river or middle beats any info would be appreciated cheers
1-20 of 27 Results