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  1. Prawn & Shrimp
    this is the set up that some people use on the lower blackwater which consists of a hook 18'' of mono, weighted swivel tied to 8-10'' Sakuma 22lb power gum tied to another weighted swivel and then put a small bead up the mainline i use 44lb power pro braid for the main line thread line through...
  2. Northern European Style Patterns
    Been having a play about with this style of fly. Sillen on top, silver cone as body. Monkey with a brass bead Silver Doctor also brass bead, 'rigged' with a free swinging tube.
  3. North American Fly Patterns
    First attempt at this one, found pattern on youtube and looked good so copied?. Tied on a waddington shank with bead chain eyes to ensure it swims hook point up.
  4. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Iv been experimenting with using a tungsten bead near the head on small flies. Im usually to lazy to change a line when Im fishing so Id prefer to change to a weighted fly instead. The flies on the right are just regular size 14/16 and the left ones have the bead. Any reason why this wouldn't work?
  5. Patterns for other species
    Stocking up somebody else's box with my go to patterns, nothing too fancy and the white Caddus Nymphs look a bit fat, but I know they work. The 2nd pic is my most successful trout pattern, tied on a Orvis #12 bead head / Long shank Nymph / emerger hook, beading elastic over brown Seals Fur...
1-5 of 5 Results