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  1. Patterns for other species
    Ragworm fly, made for sea trout before my trip was cancelled, maybe I'll use it for bass? Cox & Rawle Chinu as stinger hook mixed brown and black marabou tail dubbing loop of chopped fiery brown fox tail, brown and black marabou, braided with 2 strands of 50lb red braid small black conehead...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    My daughter and I have walked everyday and because the tide was right we have walked one of my favourite beaches. Looking west towards " Lade Foot " Looking over to "Big Picket" and "Little Picket" . Looking back to the east at "Jacobs Ladder." This used to be one of the best surf...
  3. General Board
    2019 - A year of fishing. With all the rain, my river is most likely blown for the next few weeks. There will be no Grayling on the fly for a while, so it's season over for me. Therefore, I thought I would recap my season. In June we returned from 2 years in the United States and I learned a...
  4. Picture Gallery
    A few of these silver things about. I had a few on a surface plug this afternoon. This one about 5 pound . And they are bass not sea bass. This one returned. Colin
  5. Salt Water Fishing
    I'm off to aultbea in the morning for 2 weeks , got my trout fishing sorted but looking to see if anyone has fished for pollack or other sea fish in the area , I've got all the gear in the car for it jellies, sandeel bass rods etc read a bit about port henderson being decent? cheers craig
  6. Salt Water Fishing
    Not fished the fly for bass for a good few years but these are the flies I used to do it with. Heavy on the white, pearl, blue and silver and a definite preference for the surface poppers in the right conditions.
  7. Classified Wanted
    Looking for cheap sinking shooting heads in 18 and 24g for a bit of pollack / bass bashing. Thanks Ian
  8. General Board
    Does anyone know where I could get some 'Bass Tapered Leaders'? Whilst trout fishing a couple of weeks ago, I met a chap who uses these leaders. He said they are around 15 foot long & you just cut out the leader length you need & then add about 6 ft of tippet. Apparently he gets them from...
  9. Spinning
    Amazing what you can do with some Dowel,stainless wire and some cheap nail varnish and glitter. Ready for the Salmon, Seatrout .Plus Pike and Bass if the river is on its bones all summer yet again. Most of the Metal lip Swimmers have rattles fitted. All hand carved.
  10. Classified Sales
    Have a nice Greys bait rod for sale, its 12ft and a 3 piece. Sensitive rod but with plenty of power if needed. Ideal for Salmon, Seatrout and light Bass fishing. Looking for £60 posted can email photos if interested.
  11. General Board
    Tackle manufacturer getting involved in the sea bass C&R game fishing tackle suppliers do enough? Surely any sectors of the tackle trade which profit from the bass fishing market should properly get behind the conservation efforts - with big credit to Sidewinder Lures
  12. Salt Water Fishing
    anyone ever fish for bass from the beach? I'm up north this year in late july, right next to torrisdale beach I have proper rough ground cod gear but that's going to kill it I want to try the beach as it looked really good when I was there a few years ago and fished the naver association...
  13. Salt Water Fishing
    Bass ban sparks fury amongst sea anglers - The Angling Trust and * Bass - Pre December Council Update - 2017 |
  14. Picture Gallery
    Popped out this afternoon for the last few hours of a big tide. Le Brae Tower on Jersey's west coast. There is a gutter that empties out to the left and there's usually a billy bass or two to be had. It was blowing a 6 NW easy and the wade over is an inch to the top of the chest waders and on...
  15. Salt Water Fishing
    Prime time for a bass. Colin.
  16. Others
    I know this isn't salmon related but I know a lot on here fish for bass. I have decided to give up my ticket on local association water but still keep my 2 holidays in Scotland. I have decided to try fishing for bass with lures off the shore. I am no stranger to bass fishing but plugging is new...
  17. Salt Water Fishing
    Surface lure fishing for bass with patchinko and poppers - YouTube
  18. Salt Water Fishing
    Hi folks I was wondering would anybody know where abouts on the north coast I could fly fish for sea bass
  19. General Board
    Hi,as title does anyone know where i could buy a mesh salmon bass bag?, i've been looking for one everywhere for the last few weeks but can't find them anywhere, it's one around 36 inches that i'm looking for. Cheers,Paul.
1-20 of 24 Results