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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Is it me, but are there more Barn owls about at the moment than usual? I have seen quite a few hunting in the day time recently - is that normal for this time of year? Edit: trying to change title to Barn Owls, but cant seem to; perhaps Bar Owls is better anyway
  2. Classified Sales
    Reluctantly selling my 14’6 zephrus due to my 4 month old son taking up most of my fishing time! The rod was purchased new last season and is in very good condition. Comes complete with original tube, stoppers and bag. Fantastic rod but I’m clearing all my stuff bar my 13’6 outfit. Can include a...
  3. General Board
    Heard on the grapevine today that a 25lb sea liced bar of silver came off the Moriston recently. Good news.
  4. Rookies Corner
    Not sure if I'm asking in right place, but need an answer to fishing a certain type of river feature. The piece of water in question is on a river channel 40mtrs wide, gravel bottom with no large stones over 15cm diameter, but mostly smooth gravel. Extending out from the bank at a 35dgr angle...
  5. General Board
    Just thinking why do we spend sometimes hundreds or thousands of pounds on salmon beats, accommodation, travel, etc, etc, to catch a few salmon or sometimes nothing! The price of the tackle too is sometimes eye watering. There are many of us (including me) that put ourselves...
  6. Picture Gallery
    It's coming that time of year when fresh is a rare bonus. Managed this 19lb cock fish on the Deveron this morning and a 12lb hen fish later in the day. Don't you just wish you could catch up with them when they're a bar of silver. t.c.
  7. River Dee
    i have stayed at the Feughside Inn, near Banchory, several times since the Learney Arms at Torphins closed, and found it to be perfectly OK, and well situated for Middle Dee beats. Just heard a rumour though that it has now closed as a pub and may just be doing B&B, (No evening food and no bar)...
1-7 of 7 Results